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Package ibft defines the iSCSI Boot Firmware Table.

An iBFT is placed in memory by a bootloader to tell an OS which iSCSI target it was booted from and what additional iSCSI targets it shall connect to.

An iBFT is typically placed in one of two places:

(1) an ACPI table named "iBFT", or

(2) in the 512K-1M physical memory range identified by its first 4 bytes.

However, this package doesn't concern itself with the placement, just the marshaling of the table's bytes.



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type BDF

type BDF struct {
	Bus      uint8
	Device   uint8
	Function uint8

BDF is a Bus/Device/Function Identifier of a PCI device.

type IBFT

type IBFT struct {
	SingleLoginMode bool

	// Initiator offset: 0x50
	Initiator Initiator

	// NIC offset: 0xa0

	// Target offset: 0x110
	Target0 Target

IBFT defines the entire iSCSI boot firmware table.

func (*IBFT) Marshal

func (i *IBFT) Marshal() []byte

Marshal returns a binary representation of the iBFT.

Pointers within an iBFT is relative, so this can be placed anywhere necessary.

type Initiator

type Initiator struct {
	// Name is the name of the initiator.
	// Some servers apparently use initiator names for permissions.
	Name string

	Valid bool

	// Boot indicates that this initiator was used to boot.
	Boot bool

	// I have no clue what this stuff is.
	SNSServer             net.IP
	SLPServer             net.IP
	PrimaryRadiusServer   net.IP
	SecondaryRadiusServer net.IP

Initiator defines an iSCSI initiator.

type NIC

type NIC struct {
	// Valid NIC.
	Valid bool

	// Boot indicates this NIC was used to boot from.
	Boot bool

	// Global indicates a globally reachable IP (as opposed to a link-local IP).
	Global bool

	// IPNet is the IP and subnet mask for this network interface.
	IPNet *net.IPNet

	// Origin. Nobody knows what this is. Nobody cares.
	// The spec links to a Microsoft.com 404 page. Yay.
	Origin uint8

	// Gateway is the network gateway. The gateway must be within the IPNet.
	Gateway net.IP

	// PrimaryDNS is the primary DNS server.
	PrimaryDNS net.IP

	// SecondaryDNS is a secondary DNS server.
	SecondaryDNS net.IP

	// DHCPServer is the address for the DHCP server, if one was used.
	DHCPServer net.IP

	// VLAN is the VLAN for this network interface.
	VLAN uint16

	// MACAddress is the MAC of the network interface.
	MACAddress net.HardwareAddr

	// PCIBDF is the Bus/Device/Function identifier of the PCI NIC device.

	// HostName is the host name of the machine.
	HostName string

NIC defines NIC network configuration such as IP, gateway, DNS.

type Target

type Target struct {
	Valid bool
	Boot  bool

	CHAP  bool
	RCHAP bool

	// Target is the server to connect to.
	Target *net.TCPAddr

	// BootLUN is the LUN to connect to.
	BootLUN uint64

	CHAPType uint8

	// NICAssociation is the Index of the NIC.
	NICAssociation uint8

	// TargetName is the name of the iSCSI target.
	// The target name must be a valid iSCSI Qualifier Name or EUI.
	TargetName string

	CHAPName          string
	CHAPSecret        string
	ReverseCHAPName   string
	ReverseCHAPSecret string

Target carries info about an iSCSI target server.

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