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This package contains provisioning API calls to virtual private server providers.

Currently supported services include:



Package provision contains Inertia's VPS instance provisioning API



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type EC2CreateInstanceOptions

type EC2CreateInstanceOptions struct {
	Name        string
	ProjectName string
	Ports       []int64
	DaemonPort  int64

	ImageID      string
	InstanceType string
	Region       string

EC2CreateInstanceOptions defines parameters with which to create an EC2 instance

type EC2Provisioner

type EC2Provisioner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EC2Provisioner creates Amazon EC2 instances

func NewEC2Provisioner

func NewEC2Provisioner(user, keyID, key string, out (*EC2Provisioner, error)

NewEC2Provisioner creates a client to interact with Amazon EC2 using the given credentials

func NewEC2ProvisionerFromEnv

func NewEC2ProvisionerFromEnv(user string, out (*EC2Provisioner, error)

NewEC2ProvisionerFromEnv creates a client to interact with Amazon EC2 using credentials from environment

func NewEC2ProvisionerFromProfile added in v0.4.3

func NewEC2ProvisionerFromProfile(user, profile, path string, out (*EC2Provisioner, error)

NewEC2ProvisionerFromProfile creates a client to interact with Amazon EC2 using credentials for user (optional) from given profile file

func (*EC2Provisioner) CreateInstance

func (p *EC2Provisioner) CreateInstance(opts EC2CreateInstanceOptions) (*cfg.Remote, error)

CreateInstance creates an EC2 instance with given properties

func (*EC2Provisioner) GetUser

func (p *EC2Provisioner) GetUser() string

GetUser returns the user attached to given credentials

func (*EC2Provisioner) ListImageOptions

func (p *EC2Provisioner) ListImageOptions(region string) ([]string, error)

ListImageOptions lists available Amazon images for your given region

func (*EC2Provisioner) WithRegion added in v0.5.1

func (p *EC2Provisioner) WithRegion(region string)

WithRegion assigns a region to the client

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