Package res provides simple HTTP response primitives



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type BaseResponse

type BaseResponse struct {

BaseResponse is a container class around api.BaseResponse

func (*BaseResponse) Render

func (b *BaseResponse) Render(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) error

Render implements chi's render.Renderer

type ErrResponse

type ErrResponse struct {

ErrResponse is the template for a typical HTTP response for errors

func Err

func Err(message string, code int, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse

Err is a basic error response constructor

func ErrBadRequest

func ErrBadRequest(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse

ErrBadRequest is a shortcut for bad requests

func ErrForbidden

func ErrForbidden(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse

ErrForbidden is a shortcut for forbidden requests

func ErrInternalServer

func ErrInternalServer(message string, err error, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse

ErrInternalServer is a shortcut for internal server errors. It should be accompanied by an actual error.

func ErrNotFound

func ErrNotFound(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse

ErrNotFound is a shortcut for forbidden requests

func ErrUnauthorized

func ErrUnauthorized(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse

ErrUnauthorized is a shortcut for unauthorized requests

type MsgResponse

type MsgResponse struct {

MsgResponse is the template for a typical HTTP response for messages

func Msg

func Msg(message string, code int, kvs ...interface{}) *MsgResponse

Msg is a shortcut for non-error statuses

func MsgOK

func MsgOK(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *MsgResponse

MsgOK is a shortcut for an ok-status response