Package webhook contains Inertia's webhook parsing code



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    const (
    	PushEvent EventType = "push"
    	PullEvent EventType = "pull"
    	PingEvent EventType = "ping"
    	// Hosts
    	GitHub    = "github"
    	GitLab    = "gitlab"
    	BitBucket = "bitbucket"

      Constants for the generic webhook interface


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      var (
      	GithubPingHeader = "ping"
      	GithubPushHeader = "push"

        x-github-event header values

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        var (
        	BitbucketPushHeader = "repo:push"

          x-event-key header values

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          var (
          	GitlabPushHeader = "Push Hook"

            x-gitlab-event header values


            func Type

            func Type(h http.Header) (host string, eventHeader string)

              Type returns the git host and event header of given webhook request

              func Verify

              func Verify(host, key string, h http.Header, body []byte) (err error)

                Verify ensures the payload's integrity and returns and error if anything doesn't match up


                type DockerWebhook

                type DockerWebhook struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  DockerWebhook represents a push to DockerHub see

                  func ParseDocker

                  func ParseDocker(r *http.Request) (*DockerWebhook, error)

                    ParseDocker takes in a Docker webhook request and parses it

                    func (*DockerWebhook) GetName

                    func (d *DockerWebhook) GetName() string

                      GetName returns the namespace

                      func (*DockerWebhook) GetOwner

                      func (d *DockerWebhook) GetOwner() string

                        GetOwner returns the repository owner

                        func (*DockerWebhook) GetPusher

                        func (d *DockerWebhook) GetPusher() string

                          GetPusher returns the user that pushed to DockerHub

                          func (*DockerWebhook) GetRepoName

                          func (d *DockerWebhook) GetRepoName() string

                            GetRepoName returns the full repository name

                            func (*DockerWebhook) GetTag

                            func (d *DockerWebhook) GetTag() string

                              GetTag returns the tag that was pushed to DockerHub

                              type EventType

                              type EventType string

                                EventType denotes types of webhook events

                                type Payload

                                type Payload interface {
                                	GetSource() string
                                	GetEventType() EventType
                                	GetRepoName() string
                                	GetRef() string
                                	GetGitURL() string
                                	GetSSHURL() string

                                  Payload represents a generic webhook payload

                                  func Parse

                                  func Parse(host, eventHeader string, h http.Header, body []byte) (Payload, error)

                                    Parse takes in a webhook request and parses it into one of the supported types