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var Module = fx.Provide(new)

Module is to provide dependency of Configuration to main app


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type AthenaDriverConfig

type AthenaDriverConfig struct {
	// OutputConfig is for the output section of the config
	OutputConfig ReaderOutputConfig
	// InputConfig is for the input section of the config
	InputConfig ReaderInputConfig
	// QueryString is the query string
	QueryString []string
	// DrvConfig is the datastructure of Driver Config
	DrvConfig *drv.Config

AthenaDriverConfig is Athena Driver Configuration

type Params

type Params struct {

	LC fx.Lifecycle

Params defines the dependencies or inputs

type ReaderInputConfig

type ReaderInputConfig struct {
	// Bucket is the output bucket
	Bucket string `yaml:"bucket"`
	// Region is AWS region
	Region string `yaml:"region"`
	// Database is the name of the DB
	Database string `yaml:"database"`
	// Admin is for write mode
	Admin bool `yaml:"admin"`

ReaderInputConfig is to represent the input section of configuration file

type ReaderOutputConfig

type ReaderOutputConfig struct {
	// Render is for the output format
	Render string `yaml:"render"`
	// Page is for the pagination
	Page int `yaml:"pagesize"`
	// Style is output style
	Style string `yaml:"style"`
	// Rowonly is for displaying header or not
	Rowonly bool `yaml:"rowonly"`
	// Moneywise is for displaying spending or not
	Moneywise bool `yaml:"moneywise"`
	// Fastfail is for multiple queries
	Fastfail bool `yaml:"fastfail"`

ReaderOutputConfig is to represent the output section of configuration file

type Result

type Result struct {

	// MyConfig is the current AthenaDriver Config
	MyConfig AthenaDriverConfig

Result defines output

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