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var (
	// ErrFakeServiceBusy is a fake service busy error.
	ErrFakeServiceBusy = &types.ServiceBusyError{Message: "Fake Service Busy Error."}
	// ErrFakeInternalService is a fake internal service error.
	ErrFakeInternalService = &types.InternalServiceError{Message: "Fake Internal Service Error."}
	// ErrFakeTimeout is a fake timeout error.
	ErrFakeTimeout = context.DeadlineExceeded
	// ErrFakeUnhandled is a fake unhandled error.
	ErrFakeUnhandled = errors.New("fake unhandled error")


func GenerateFakeError added in v0.18.0

func GenerateFakeError(
	errorRate float64,
) error

GenerateFakeError generates a random fake error

func NewDomainNotActiveError

func NewDomainNotActiveError(domainName string, currentCluster string, activeCluster string) *types.DomainNotActiveError

NewDomainNotActiveError return a domain not exist error

func NewDomainPendingActiveError added in v0.13.0

func NewDomainPendingActiveError(domainName string, currentCluster string) *types.DomainNotActiveError

NewDomainPendingActiveError return a domain not active error

func ShouldForwardCall added in v0.18.0

func ShouldForwardCall(
	err error,
) bool

ShouldForwardCall determines if the call should be forward to the underlying client given the fake error generated


type InternalFailureError added in v0.4.0

type InternalFailureError struct {
	Msg string

InternalFailureError represents unexpected case happening or a code bug

func NewInternalFailureError added in v0.4.0

func NewInternalFailureError(msg string) *InternalFailureError

NewInternalFailureError return internal failure error

func (*InternalFailureError) Error added in v0.4.0

func (e *InternalFailureError) Error() string

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