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func InitServiceHandler

func InitServiceHandler(
	d *yarpc.Dispatcher,
	parent tally.Scope,
	ormStore *ormobjects.Store,
	updateStore storage.UpdateStore,
	goalStateDriver goalstate.Driver,
	jobFactory cached.JobFactory,

InitServiceHandler initalizes the update service.

func NewTestServiceHandler

func NewTestServiceHandler() *serviceHandler

NewTestServiceHandler returns an empty new ServiceHandler ptr for testing.


type Metrics

type Metrics struct {
	UpdateAPICreate  tally.Counter
	UpdateCreate     tally.Counter
	UpdateCreateFail tally.Counter

	UpdateAPIGet  tally.Counter
	UpdateGet     tally.Counter
	UpdateGetFail tally.Counter

	UpdateAPIList  tally.Counter
	UpdateList     tally.Counter
	UpdateListFail tally.Counter

	UpdateAPIGetCache  tally.Counter
	UpdateGetCache     tally.Counter
	UpdateGetCacheFail tally.Counter

	UpdateAPIAbort  tally.Counter
	UpdateAbort     tally.Counter
	UpdateAbortFail tally.Counter

	UpdateAPIPause  tally.Counter
	UpdatePause     tally.Counter
	UpdatePauseFail tally.Counter

	UpdateAPIResume  tally.Counter
	UpdateResume     tally.Counter
	UpdateResumeFail tally.Counter

Metrics is the struct containing all the counters that track internal state of the update service

func NewMetrics

func NewMetrics(scope tally.Scope) *Metrics

NewMetrics returns a new Metrics struct, with all metrics initialized and rooted at the given tally.Scope

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