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Published: Mar 14, 2023 License: MIT


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sqspipe continuously moves messages between aws sqs queues in a rate limited manner.


  • Use case is to put a rate limit in between SQS messaging.
  • May be handy to move all messages from one queue to another in a single shot.
  • One is supposed to run a single instance of sqsqueue. If you run multiple instances (like in multiple pods replicas), every instance will deliver the maximum configured rate.
  • Moving messages across regions is supported.
  • Moving messages across accounts is supported.
  • Health check endpoint: http://localhost:2000/health
  • Prometheus metrics endpoint: http://localhost:3000/metrics


git clone https://github.com/udhos/sqspipe
cd sqspipe
go install ./sqspipe


export QUEUE_URL_SRC=https://sqs.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/111111111111/queue_src
export QUEUE_URL_DST=https://sqs.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/222222222222/queue_dst

Mandatory Env Vars

sqspipe will move messages from source queue defined in $QUEUE_URL_SRC to destination queue defined in $QUEUE_URL_DST.

These env vars are required.

export QUEUE_URL_SRC=https://sqs.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/111111111111/queue_src
export QUEUE_URL_DST=https://sqs.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/222222222222/queue_dst

Optional Env Vars

These env vars are optional.

export ROLE_ARN_SRC=arn:aws:iam::111111111111:role/sqs_consumer
export ROLE_ARN_DST=arn:aws:iam::222222222222:role/sqs_producer
export MAX_RATE=16 ;# max messages per second
export HEALTH_ADDR=:2000
export HEALTH_PATH=/health
export METRICS_ADDR=:3000
export METRICS_PATH=/metrics

You can use $ROLE_ARN_SRC to specify a role to access the source queue, and $ROLE_ARN_DST to specify a role to access the destination queue. The role in $ROLE_ARN_SRC must allow actions sqs:ReceiveMessage and sqs:DeleteMessage to source queue. The role in $ROLE_ARN_DST must allow action sqs:SendMessage to destination queue.

Max Rate

If $MAX_RATE isn't specified, it defaults to 16 messages per second.

Health check

You can use these environment variables to define the health check endpoint.



You can use these environment variables to define the metrics endpoint.


The metrics endpoint exposes the variables below.

# HELP sqspipe_delete_error_total Number of SQS DeleteMessage errors.
# TYPE sqspipe_delete_error_total counter
sqspipe_delete_error_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_delete_ok_total Number of successful SQS DeleteMessage calls.
# TYPE sqspipe_delete_ok_total counter
sqspipe_delete_ok_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_read_empty_total Number of empty SQS listener ReceiveMessage calls.
# TYPE sqspipe_read_empty_total counter
sqspipe_read_empty_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_read_error_total Number of SQS listener ReceiveMessage errors.
# TYPE sqspipe_read_error_total counter
sqspipe_read_error_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_read_message_total Number of messages read successfully.
# TYPE sqspipe_read_message_total counter
sqspipe_read_message_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_read_ok_total Number of successful SQS listener ReceiveMessage calls.
# TYPE sqspipe_read_ok_total counter
sqspipe_read_ok_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_write_error_total Number of SQS SendMessage errors.
# TYPE sqspipe_write_error_total counter
sqspipe_write_error_total 0

# HELP sqspipe_write_ok_total Number of successful SQS SendMessage calls.
# TYPE sqspipe_write_ok_total counter
sqspipe_write_ok_total 0


Build recipe:


Pull from Docker hub:

docker pull udhos/sqspipe:0.0.0

Docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/udhos/sqspipe


Path Synopsis
This is the main package for the sqspipe utility.
This is the main package for the sqspipe utility.

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