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uget (universal get)

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Installation
  4. Code examples
  5. CLI
  6. Contributing
  7. Reporting bugs

1. Introduction

This project aims at providing an API / CLI for downloading remote files, focusing mainly on premium file-hosters.

This repository holds the core project and aims to be very flexible. Check out the supported providers at the other repository

WARNING: This package is under heavy development, so documentation may fall behind and the APIs may change.

2. Getting started

2.1 Installation

It's simple! Install Go, setup your $GOPATH and run:
go install

2.2 Library usage

It's best to check out the cli code for examples.

Downloading a multitude of links:

import ""

// First, get your links from somewhere:
urls := ...
// Then, create a new downloader:
downloader := core.NewClient()
// Add those links to the downloader's queue:
waitGroup := downloader.AddURLs(urls)
// Register some callbacks:
downloader.OnDownload(func(download *core.Download) {
	// Access the File field:

	// hashObject is a hash.Hash used for generating a checksum
	checksum, algorithmName, hashObject := download.File.Checksum()

	// the provider, e.g. basic / / / etc.
	// see a list of all providers at

	// wait for download to finish:
	// and get the error if there was one:

	// OR: print download status every second

	interval := 1*time.Second
	ticker := time.NewTicker(interval)
	defer ticker.Stop()

	fmt.Printf("%s: started\n", download.File.Name())
	for {
		select {
		case <-ticker.C:
			percentage := download.Progress() / download.File.Size()
			fmt.Printf("  %s: %.2f%% of %d\n", download.File.Name(), percentage, download.File.Size())
		case <-download.Waiter():
			if download.Err() != nil {
				fmt.Printf("  %s: ERROR! %v\n", download.File.Name(), download.Err())
			} else {
				fmt.Printf("  %s: DONE!\n", download.File.Name())
// Start client (in the background)

// Wait for the jobs provided earlier to finish

// No downloads left, all jobs done.

2.3 CLI


Get remote files:

uget get CONTAINER_SPEC...

Read meta information on remote files:

uget meta CONTAINER_SPEC...

CONTAINER_SPEC can be a plain file with a list of URLs. If option -i is passed, the arguments are interpreted as direct URLs instead.

Add an account to a provider. You will be prompted for your credentials.

uget accounts add [PROVIDER]

List your saved accounts.

uget accounts list [PROVIDER]
Not (fully) implemented yet

Start server as daemon.

uget daemon

Start server in foreground.

uget server

Push a list of files to the listening server.

uget push [OPTIONS...] CONTAINER_SPEC...

Tell the daemon to drop a container (or a file)

uget drop [ID]

Pause the daemon.

uget pause [--soft]

Continue the daemon.

uget continue

List the downloads.

uget list [CONTAINER_ID]

3. Contributing

Contributions are welcome! Fork -> Push -> Pull request.

4. Bug report / suggestions

Just create an issue! I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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