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type Frame

type Frame struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Frame is a collection of siblings in a trie, sorted alphabetically by name.

func New

func New(n noder.Noder) (*Frame, error)

New returns a frame with the children of the provided node.

func (*Frame) Drop

func (f *Frame) Drop()

Drop extracts the noder with the alphabetically smaller name in the frame or does nothing if the frame was empty.

func (*Frame) First

func (f *Frame) First() (noder.Noder, bool)

First returns, but dont extract, the noder with the alphabetically smaller name in the frame and true if the frame was not empy. Otherwise it returns nil and false.

func (*Frame) Len

func (f *Frame) Len() int

Len returns the number of noders in the frame.

func (*Frame) String

func (f *Frame) String() string

String returns the quoted names of the noders in the frame sorted in alphabeticall order by name, surrounded by square brackets and separated by comas.


["a", "b"]

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