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Package versioncmp provides functions for comparing version strings.

Version strings are dot-separated integers with an optional pre-release suffix. A pre-release suffix is an arbitrary string with a leading dash character. All functions ignore these suffixes, so "1.2" and "1.2-rc" are considered equivalent.



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func Equal

func Equal(v, other string) bool

Equal checks if a version is equal to another.

func GreaterThan

func GreaterThan(v, other string) bool

GreaterThan checks if a version is greater than another.

func GreaterThanOrEqualTo

func GreaterThanOrEqualTo(v, other string) bool

GreaterThanOrEqualTo checks if a version is greater than or equal to another.

func LessThan

func LessThan(v, other string) bool

LessThan checks if a version is less than another.

func LessThanOrEqualTo

func LessThanOrEqualTo(v, other string) bool

LessThanOrEqualTo checks if a version is less than or equal to another.


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