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A helper tool to update the test cases with identifiers and numbers, which are chosen randomly (just like the name of this repo):

  • The placeholders xxx are replaced with lower-cased names of animals 🐾. Each time the program is run, it downloads the list of identifiers from this gist;
  • The placeholders 000 (three zeros) are replaced with 3-digit numbers 🍄.

The test cases are meant to be the regular plain text files.

Run the following command in order to obtain the executable with Go toolchain:

go get -u

Running sungazer --help will produce the following:

Usage of sungazer:
  -basepath string
    	location of the test cases
  -ext string
    	test cases files extension WITHOUT a leading period

For example, running this command will update the files with extension .test in the directory /foo/bar and its subdirectories by replacing the placeholders:

sungazer -basepath '/foo/bar' -ext test

If the file /foo/bar/qux.test has the following content:

000 little ducks went swimming one day,
Over the hills and far away.
xxx said, "quack quack quack quack,"
And only 000 little ducks came back.

After running the program, the content will be replaced with something like:

610 little ducks went swimming one day,
Over the hills and far away.
turnstone said, "quack quack quack quack,"
And only 479 little ducks came back.

(Image by: Wilfried Berns /; licensed under CC BY 2.5)


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