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func GenerateStreamClientInterceptor

func GenerateStreamClientInterceptor(trace bool, logger MethodLogger) grpc.StreamClientInterceptor

GenerateStreamClientInterceptor creates an interceptor function that will log grpc streaming calls.

func GenerateUnaryClientInterceptor

func GenerateUnaryClientInterceptor(label string, trace bool, logger MethodLogger) grpc.UnaryClientInterceptor

GenerateUnaryClientInterceptor creates an interceptor function that will log unary grpc calls.


type FittedSolutionMessage

type FittedSolutionMessage interface {
	GetFittedSolutionId() string

FittedSolutionMessage represents API messages that have a fitted solution ID.

type LoggingClientStream

type LoggingClientStream struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LoggingClientStream implements a GRPC client stream that logs output

func (*LoggingClientStream) RecvMsg

func (c *LoggingClientStream) RecvMsg(m interface{}) error

RecvMsg logs messages recieved over a GRPC stream

func (*LoggingClientStream) SendMsg

func (c *LoggingClientStream) SendMsg(m interface{}) error

SendMsg logs messages sent out over a GRPC stream

type MethodLogger

type MethodLogger interface {
	LogAPIAction(method string, params map[string]string)

MethodLogger logs GRPC method calls.

type SolutionMessage

type SolutionMessage interface {
	GetSolutionId() string

SolutionMessage represents API messages that have a solution ID.

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