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Your friendly neighborhood IRC droid

This fork is for Uncodin-specific scripts. If you wish to contribute to Gonk itself, please fork and send pull requests to Gonk/Gonk.

What is Gonk?

Gonk is an IRC bot written in Go. Its modular design and embedded JavaScript engine make it easy to dynamically add functionality via "modules".

The API exposed to modules replicates that of Hubot, so that scripts for Hubot can be used interchangeably with Gonk with few or no modifications.

Gonk does not currently support CoffeeScript - scripts must be translated to JavaScript before they can be used.


$ Gonk -server=irc.host.com -ssl=true -password=serverPassword channel1 channel2

On startup, Gonk will search the modules directory and attempt to load any file with the extension .js as a module.


  • Go 1.1+
  • Make/GCC
  • Google V8 headers and library

How to Build

Gonk embeds the V8 engine and binds to it with go-v8. This complicates the build process a bit. These instructions assume that a proper compiler toolchain and the V8 library and header files exist on your system in the standard location and that you understand building with Makefiles and the Go workflow (e.g. how to use GOPATH).

First, Gonk and its dependencies need to be installed into your GOPATH:

$ go get github.com/Gonk/Gonk

This command will appear to fail for go-v8. This is because go-v8 requires an additional build step:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/Gonk/go-v8
$ make

This will build a V8 wrapper library and install it in your GOPATH. You should now be able to finish building and run Gonk:

$ go get github.com/Gonk/Gonk
$ $GOPATH/bin/Gonk


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