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Package quaternion contains a float32 unit-quaternion type T and functions.



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var (
	// Zero holds a zero quaternion.
	Zero = T{}

	// Ident holds an ident quaternion.
	Ident = T{0, 0, 0, 1}


func Dot

func Dot(a, b *T) float32

Dot returns the dot product of two quaternions.

func IsShortestRotation

func IsShortestRotation(a, b *T) bool

IsShortestRotation returns if the rotation from a to b is the shortest possible rotation. (there are two directions to rotate from the orientation of quat to the orientation of other) See T.SetShortestRotation


type T

type T [4]float32

T represents a orientatin/rotation as a unit quaternion. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternions_and_spatial_rotation

func FromAxisAngle

func FromAxisAngle(axis *vec3.T, angle float32) T

FromAxisAngle returns a quaternion representing a rotation around and axis.

func FromEulerAngles

func FromEulerAngles(yHead, xPitch, zRoll float32) T

FromEulerAngles returns a quaternion representing Euler angle rotations.

func FromVec4

func FromVec4(v *vec4.T) T

FromVec4 converts a vec4.T into a quaternion.

func FromXAxisAngle

func FromXAxisAngle(angle float32) T

FromXAxisAngle returns a quaternion representing a rotation around the x axis.

func FromYAxisAngle

func FromYAxisAngle(angle float32) T

FromYAxisAngle returns a quaternion representing a rotation around the y axis.

func FromZAxisAngle

func FromZAxisAngle(angle float32) T

FromZAxisAngle returns a quaternion representing a rotation around the z axis.

func Mul

func Mul(a, b *T) T

Mul multiplies two quaternions.

func Mul3

func Mul3(a, b, c *T) T

Mul3 multiplies three quaternions.

func Mul4

func Mul4(a, b, c, d *T) T

Mul4 multiplies four quaternions.

func Parse

func Parse(s string) (r T, err error)

Parse parses T from a string. See also String()

func Slerp

func Slerp(a, b *T, t float32) T

Slerp returns the spherical linear interpolation quaternion between a and b at t (0,1). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slerp

func Vec3Diff

func Vec3Diff(a, b *vec3.T) T

Vec3Diff returns the rotation quaternion between two vectors.

func (*T) AxisAngle

func (quat *T) AxisAngle() (axis vec3.T, angle float32)

AxisAngle extracts the rotation in form of an axis and a rotation angle.

func (*T) Invert

func (quat *T) Invert() *T

Invert inverts the quaterion.

func (*T) Inverted

func (quat *T) Inverted() T

Inverted returns an inverted copy of the quaternion.

func (*T) IsUnitQuat

func (quat *T) IsUnitQuat(tolerance float32) bool

IsUnitQuat returns if the quaternion is within tolerance of the unit quaternion.

func (*T) Negate

func (quat *T) Negate() *T

Negate negates the quaternion.

func (*T) Negated

func (quat *T) Negated() T

Negated returns a negated copy of the quaternion.

func (*T) Norm

func (quat *T) Norm() float32

Norm returns the norm value of the quaternion.

func (*T) Normalize

func (quat *T) Normalize() *T

Normalize normalizes to a unit quaternation.

func (*T) Normalized

func (quat *T) Normalized() T

Normalized returns a copy normalized to a unit quaternation.

func (*T) RotateVec3

func (quat *T) RotateVec3(v *vec3.T)

RotateVec3 rotates v by the rotation represented by the quaternion.

func (*T) RotatedVec3

func (quat *T) RotatedVec3(v *vec3.T) vec3.T

RotatedVec3 returns a rotated copy of v.

func (*T) SetShortestRotation

func (quat *T) SetShortestRotation(other *T) *T

SetShortestRotation negates the quaternion if it does not represent the shortest rotation from quat to the orientation of other. (there are two directions to rotate from the orientation of quat to the orientation of other) See IsShortestRotation()

func (*T) String

func (quat *T) String() string

String formats T as string. See also Parse().

func (*T) Vec4

func (quat *T) Vec4() vec4.T

Vec4 converts the quaternion into a vec4.T.

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