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package drivers

v0.0.0 (c0a4bc6)
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Published: Jan 12, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package drivers contains all the drivers required to connect to different brokers, under a single easy to use interface.



var (
	// ErrInvalidDriver error
	ErrInvalidDriver = errors.New("driver: Invalid driver specified")
	// ErrInvalidConfigSignature error
	ErrInvalidConfigSignature = errors.New("driver: Invalid config signature for specifie driver")

type SubscriberClient

type SubscriberClient interface {
	// Subscribe method subscribes to the specified topic
	// and returns the gocloud pubsub Subscription
	Subscribe(context.Context, string) (*pubsub.Subscription, error)

	Close(context.Context) error

SubscriberClient connects to the specific pubsub broker using specific drivers, it also hides the specific driver implementation for subscribing to topics And gives a single interface for all driver types.

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