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const (
	// EpochSize length of epoch
	EpochSize = 4
	// MessageOffset offset for the message without overhead
	MessageOffset = EpochSize + 4


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func Signature

func Signature(value uint32) []byte

Signature signature is used in the message encryption to validate signature of the message signature is added to the destination slice

func SignatureToUint32

func SignatureToUint32(sig []byte) uint32

SignatureToUint32 returns uint32 for signature


type MAC

type MAC struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MAC has the ability to encrypt and decrypt (short) messages as long as they share the same key and the same epoch.

func New

func New(key []byte) (*MAC, error)

New builds a new MAC using a 256-bit/32 byte encryption key, a numeric epoch and numeric pseudo-random salt

func (*MAC) Decrypt

func (m *MAC) Decrypt(dst, src []byte) ([]byte, error)

Decrypt decrypts src and appends to dst, returning the resulting byte slice or an error if the input cannot be authenticated.

func (*MAC) Encrypt

func (m *MAC) Encrypt(dst, src []byte) []byte

Encrypt encrypts src and appends to dst, returning the resulting byte slice

func (*MAC) Overhead

func (m *MAC) Overhead() int

Overhead returns the maximum difference between the lengths of a plaintext and its ciphertext.

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