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Published: May 25, 2016 License: MIT Imports: 8 Imported by: 2



Copyright 2015 Home24 AG. All rights reserved. Proprietary license.

Copyright 2016 Home24 AG. All rights reserved. Proprietary license.



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func NewSegmentsSorter

func NewSegmentsSorter(m map[string]*RawTranslationData) *segmentSorter


type ParticularItem

type ParticularItem struct {
	Url          string
	Order        int
	Original     string
	Time         time.Duration
	Translations []backend_particular.IParticularMeaning

type RawParticularData

type RawParticularData struct {
	Original      string
	Source        string
	Lang          string
	Name          string
	ParticularBag []*ParticularItem
	Time          time.Duration

type RawTranslationData

type RawTranslationData struct {
	Source      string
	Lang        string
	Name        string
	Original    string
	Translation string
	Time        time.Duration
	Score       float64

RawTransData struct

type TranslateAdapter

type TranslateAdapter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTranslateAdapter

func NewTranslateAdapter(back []backend_full.IBackendFull, markov components.IChain) *TranslateAdapter

func (*TranslateAdapter) AppendUniEngine

func (t *TranslateAdapter) AppendUniEngine(container *TranslationContainer, segments []*processing.Segment)

func (*TranslateAdapter) CalculateRawTransData

func (t *TranslateAdapter) CalculateRawTransData(container *TranslationContainer)

func (*TranslateAdapter) CalculateScores

func (t *TranslateAdapter) CalculateScores(container *TranslationContainer, segments []*processing.Segment)

func (*TranslateAdapter) ChooseSegment

func (t *TranslateAdapter) ChooseSegment(engines map[string]*RawTranslationData) *RawTranslationData

func (*TranslateAdapter) GetSegmentTranslations

func (t *TranslateAdapter) GetSegmentTranslations(textSegments []*processing.Segment, languages []string) []map[string]map[string]*RawTranslationData

func (*TranslateAdapter) Translate

func (t *TranslateAdapter) Translate(text string, langs []string) *TranslationContainer

type TranslationBag

type TranslationBag map[string]string

TranslationBag hashmap

type TranslationContainer

type TranslationContainer struct {
	Langs        []string
	Translations TranslationBag
	Original     string
	Source       string
	//Meta              map[string]interface{}
	//RawTranslations   map[string]TranslationBag
	RawTransData    map[string]map[string]*RawTranslationData
	RawSegmentsData []map[string]map[string]*RawTranslationData //`json:"-"`

TranslationContainer struct

type Translator

type Translator interface {
	Translate(text string, languages []string) *TranslationContainer


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