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Published: Aug 8, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 29 Imported by: 1



The pcapdump binary implements a tcpdump-like command line tool with gopacket using pcap as a backend data collection mechanism.



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const (
	MemoryProfilingEnabledEnvVarName               = "MEMORY_PROFILING_ENABLED"
	MemoryProfilingDumpPath                        = "MEMORY_PROFILING_DUMP_PATH"
	MemoryProfilingTimeIntervalSeconds             = "MEMORY_PROFILING_TIME_INTERVAL"
	MaxBufferedPagesTotalEnvVarName                = "MAX_BUFFERED_PAGES_TOTAL"
	MaxBufferedPagesPerConnectionEnvVarName        = "MAX_BUFFERED_PAGES_PER_CONNECTION"
	MaxBufferedPagesTotalDefaultValue              = 5000
	MaxBufferedPagesPerConnectionDefaultValue      = 5000
	TcpStreamChannelTimeoutMsEnvVarName            = "TCP_STREAM_CHANNEL_TIMEOUT_MS"
	TcpStreamChannelTimeoutMsDefaultValue          = 10000
	CloseTimedoutTcpChannelsIntervalMsEnvVarName   = "CLOSE_TIMEDOUT_TCP_STREAM_CHANNELS_INTERVAL_MS"
	CloseTimedoutTcpChannelsIntervalMsDefaultValue = 1000
	CloseTimedoutTcpChannelsIntervalMsMinValue     = 10
	CloseTimedoutTcpChannelsIntervalMsMaxValue     = 10000


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func GetCloseTimedoutTcpChannelsInterval

func GetCloseTimedoutTcpChannelsInterval() time.Duration

func GetMaxBufferedPagesPerConnection

func GetMaxBufferedPagesPerConnection() int

func GetMaxBufferedPagesTotal

func GetMaxBufferedPagesTotal() int

func GetMemoryProfilingEnabled

func GetMemoryProfilingEnabled() bool

func GetTcpChannelTimeoutMs

func GetTcpChannelTimeoutMs() time.Duration

func NewConnectionId

func NewConnectionId(c string) connectionId

func NewTcpAssembler

func NewTcpAssembler(outputItems chan *api.OutputChannelItem, streamsMap api.TcpStreamMap, opts *TapOpts) (*tcpAssembler, error)

func NewTcpReader

func NewTcpReader(ident string, tcpId *api.TcpID, parent *tcpStream, isClient bool, isOutgoing bool, emitter api.Emitter) *tcpReader

func NewTcpReaderDataMsg

func NewTcpReaderDataMsg(data []byte, timestamp time.Time) api.TcpReaderDataMsg

func NewTcpReassemblyStream

func NewTcpReassemblyStream(ident string, tcp *layers.TCP, fsmOptions reassembly.TCPSimpleFSMOptions, stream *tcpStream) reassembly.Stream

func NewTcpStream

func NewTcpStream(isTapTarget bool, streamsMap api.TcpStreamMap, capture api.Capture,
	connectionId connectionId, callbacks tcpStreamCallbacks) *tcpStream

func NewTcpStreamFactory

func NewTcpStreamFactory(emitter api.Emitter, streamsMap api.TcpStreamMap, opts *TapOpts, streamsCallbacks tcpStreamCallbacks) *tcpStreamFactory

func NewTcpStreamMap

func NewTcpStreamMap() api.TcpStreamMap

func StartPassiveTapper

func StartPassiveTapper(opts *TapOpts, outputItems chan *api.OutputChannelItem, extensionsRef []*api.Extension, options *api.TrafficFilteringOptions)

func UpdateTapTargets

func UpdateTapTargets(newTapTargets []v1.Pod)


type AssemblerStats

type AssemblerStats struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Cleaner

type Cleaner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type CleanerStats

type CleanerStats struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type TapOpts

type TapOpts struct {
	HostMode     bool
	IgnoredPorts []uint16
	// contains filtered or unexported fields


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