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MongoDB adapter for upper/db

Please read the full docs, acknowledgements and examples at



Package mongo wraps the MongoDB driver. See for documentation, particularities and usage examples.



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const Adapter = `mongo`

Adapter holds the name of the mongodb adapter.


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func Open

func Open(settings db.ConnectionURL) (db.Session, error)

Open stablishes a new connection to a SQL server.


type Collection

type Collection struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Collection represents a mongodb collection.

func (*Collection) Count

func (col *Collection) Count() (uint64, error)

func (*Collection) Exists

func (col *Collection) Exists() (bool, error)

Exists returns true if the collection exists.

func (*Collection) Find

func (col *Collection) Find(terms ...interface{}) db.Result

Find creates a result set with the given conditions.

func (*Collection) Insert

func (col *Collection) Insert(item interface{}) (db.InsertResult, error)

Insert inserts a record (map or struct) into the collection.

func (*Collection) InsertReturning

func (col *Collection) InsertReturning(item interface{}) error

func (*Collection) Name

func (col *Collection) Name() string

Name returns the name of the table or tables that form the collection.

func (*Collection) Session

func (col *Collection) Session() db.Session

func (*Collection) Truncate

func (col *Collection) Truncate() error

Truncate deletes all rows from the table.

func (*Collection) UpdateReturning

func (col *Collection) UpdateReturning(item interface{}) error

type ConnectionURL

type ConnectionURL struct {
	User     string
	Password string
	Host     string
	Database string
	Options  map[string]string

ConnectionURL implements a MongoDB connection struct.

func ParseURL

func ParseURL(s string) (conn ConnectionURL, err error)

ParseURL parses s into a ConnectionURL struct.

func (ConnectionURL) String

func (c ConnectionURL) String() (s string)

type Source

type Source struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Source represents a MongoDB database.

func (*Source) Clone

func (s *Source) Clone() (db.Session, error)

Clone returns a cloned db.Session session.

func (*Source) Close

func (s *Source) Close() error

Close terminates the current database session.

func (*Source) Collection

func (s *Source) Collection(name string) db.Collection

Collection returns a collection by name.

func (*Source) Collections

func (s *Source) Collections() (cols []db.Collection, err error)

Collections returns a list of non-system tables from the database.

func (*Source) ConnectionURL

func (s *Source) ConnectionURL() db.ConnectionURL

func (*Source) Context

func (s *Source) Context() context.Context

func (*Source) Delete

func (s *Source) Delete(db.Record) error

func (*Source) Driver

func (s *Source) Driver() interface{}

Driver returns the underlying *mgo.Session instance.

func (*Source) Get

func (s *Source) Get(db.Record, interface{}) error

func (*Source) Name

func (s *Source) Name() string

Name returns the name of the database.

func (*Source) Open

func (s *Source) Open(connURL db.ConnectionURL) error

Open attempts to connect to the database.

func (*Source) Ping

func (s *Source) Ping() error

Ping checks whether a connection to the database is still alive by pinging it, establishing a connection if necessary.

func (*Source) Reset

func (s *Source) Reset()

func (*Source) SQL

func (s *Source) SQL() db.SQL

func (*Source) Save

func (s *Source) Save(db.Record) error

func (*Source) SetConnMaxLifetime

func (s *Source) SetConnMaxLifetime(time.Duration)

SetConnMaxLifetime is not supported.

func (*Source) SetMaxIdleConns

func (s *Source) SetMaxIdleConns(int)

SetMaxIdleConns is not supported.

func (*Source) SetMaxOpenConns

func (s *Source) SetMaxOpenConns(int)

SetMaxOpenConns is not supported.

func (*Source) Tx

func (s *Source) Tx(func(db.Session) error) error

func (*Source) TxContext

func (s *Source) TxContext(context.Context, func(tx db.Session) error, *sql.TxOptions) error

func (*Source) WithContext

func (s *Source) WithContext(ctx context.Context) db.Session

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