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type Availability

type Availability string

Availability custom type for product availabilities

const (
	// Available constant for available products
	Available Availability = "Available"
	// IncludeOutOfStock constant to include out of stock products
	IncludeOutOfStock Availability = "IncludeOutOfStock"

type BrowseNode

type BrowseNode struct {
	Ancestor        BrowseNodeAncestor `json:"Ancestor,omitempty"`
	Children        []BrowseNodeChild  `json:"Children,omitempty"`
	ContextFreeName string             `json:"ContextFreeName,omitempty"`
	DisplayName     string             `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Id              string             `json:"Id,omitempty"`
	IsRoot          bool               `json:"IsRoot,omitempty"`
	SalesRank       int                `json:"SalesRank,omitempty"`

BrowseNode represents BrowseNode object in json response

type BrowseNodeAncestor

type BrowseNodeAncestor struct {
	Ancestor        *BrowseNodeAncestor `json:"Ancestor,omitempty"`
	ContextFreeName string              `json:"ContextFreeName,omitempty"`
	DisplayName     string              `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Id              string              `json:"Id,omitempty"`

BrowseNodeAncestor represents BrowseNodeAncestor object in json response

type BrowseNodeChild

type BrowseNodeChild struct {
	ContextFreeName string `json:"ContextFreeName,omitempty"`
	DisplayName     string `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Id              string `json:"Id,omitempty"`

BrowseNodeChild represents BrowseNodeChild object in json response

type BrowseNodeInfo

type BrowseNodeInfo struct {
	BrowseNodes      []BrowseNode     `json:"BrowseNodes,omitempty"`
	WebsiteSalesRank WebsiteSalesRank `json:"WebsiteSalesRank,omitempty"`

BrowseNodeInfo represents BrowseNodeInfo object in json response

type BrowseNodesResult

type BrowseNodesResult struct {
	BrowseNodes []BrowseNode `json:"BrowseNodes,omitempty"`

BrowseNodesResult represents BrowseNodesResult object in json response

type ByLineInfo

type ByLineInfo struct {
	Brand        SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"Brand,omitempty"`
	Contributors []Contributor               `json:"Contributors,omitempty"`
	Manufacturer SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"Manufacturer,omitempty"`

ByLineInfo represents ByLineInfo object in json response

type Classifications

type Classifications struct {
	Binding      SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"Binding,omitempty"`
	ProductGroup SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"ProductGroup,omitempty"`

Classifications represents Classifications object in json response

type Condition

type Condition string

Condition custom type for product conditions

const (
	// Any constant for any product condition
	Any Condition = "Any"
	// New constant for new product condition
	New Condition = "New"
	// Used constant for used product condition
	Used Condition = "Used"
	// Collectible constant for collectible product condition
	Collectible Condition = "Collectible"
	// Refurbished constant for refurbished product condition
	Refurbished Condition = "Refurbished"

type ContentInfo

type ContentInfo struct {
	Edition         SingleStringValuedAttribute  `json:"Edition,omitempty"`
	Languages       Languages                    `json:"Languages,omitempty"`
	PagesCount      SingleIntegerValuedAttribute `json:"PagesCount,omitempty"`
	PublicationDate SingleStringValuedAttribute  `json:"PublicationDate,omitempty"`

ContentInfo represents ContentInfo object in json response

type ContentRating

type ContentRating struct {
	AudienceRating SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"AudienceRating,omitempty"`

ContentRating represents ContentRating object in json response

type Contributor

type Contributor struct {
	Locale string `json:"Locale,omitempty"`
	Name   string `json:"Name,omitempty"`
	Role   string `json:"Role,omitempty"`

Contributor represents Contributor object in json response

type Currency

type Currency string

Currency custom type for currencies

const (
	// UnitedArabEmiratesDirham United Arab Emirates Dirham
	UnitedArabEmiratesDirham Currency = "AED"
	// ArmenianDram Armenian Dram
	ArmenianDram Currency = "AMD"
	// ArgentinePeso Argentine Peso
	ArgentinePeso Currency = "ARS"
	// AustralianDollar Australian Dollar
	AustralianDollar Currency = "AUD"
	// ArubanFlorin Aruban Florin
	ArubanFlorin Currency = "AWG"
	// AzerbaijaniManat Azerbaijani Manat
	AzerbaijaniManat Currency = "AZN"
	// BulgarianLev Bulgarian Lev
	BulgarianLev Currency = "BGN"
	// BruneianDollar Bruneian Dollar
	BruneianDollar Currency = "BND"
	// BolivianBoliviano Bolivian Boliviano
	BolivianBoliviano Currency = "BOB"
	// BrazilianReal Brazilian Real
	BrazilianReal Currency = "BRL"
	// BahamianDollar Bahamian Dollar
	BahamianDollar Currency = "BSD"
	// BelizeDollar Belize Dollar
	BelizeDollar Currency = "BZD"
	// CanadianDollar Canadian Dollar
	CanadianDollar Currency = "CAD"
	// ChileanPeso Chilean Peso
	ChileanPeso Currency = "CLP"
	// ChineseYuanRenminbi Chinese Yuan Renminbi
	ChineseYuanRenminbi Currency = "CNY"
	// ColombianPeso Colombian Peso
	ColombianPeso Currency = "COP"
	// CostaRicanColon Costa Rican Colon
	CostaRicanColon Currency = "CRC"
	// DominicanPeso Dominican Peso
	DominicanPeso Currency = "DOP"
	// EgyptianPound Egyptian Pound
	EgyptianPound Currency = "EGP"
	// Euro Euro
	Euro Currency = "EUR"
	// BritishPound British Pound
	BritishPound Currency = "GBP"
	// GhanaianCedi Ghanaian Cedi
	GhanaianCedi Currency = "GHS"
	// GuatemalanQuetzal Guatemalan Quetzal
	GuatemalanQuetzal Currency = "GTQ"
	// HongKongDollar Hong Kong Dollar
	HongKongDollar Currency = "HKD"
	// HonduranLempira Honduran Lempira
	HonduranLempira Currency = "HNL"
	// HungarianForint Hungarian Forint
	HungarianForint Currency = "HUF"
	// IndonesianRupiah Indonesian Rupiah
	IndonesianRupiah Currency = "IDR"
	// IsraeliShekel Israeli Shekel
	IsraeliShekel Currency = "ILS"
	// IndianRupee Indian Rupee
	IndianRupee Currency = "INR"
	// JamaicanDollar Jamaican Dollar
	JamaicanDollar Currency = "JMD"
	// JapaneseYen Japanese Yen
	JapaneseYen Currency = "JPY"
	// KenyanShilling Kenyan Shilling
	KenyanShilling Currency = "KES"
	// CambodianRiel Cambodian Riel
	CambodianRiel Currency = "KHR"
	// SouthKoreanWon South Korean Won
	SouthKoreanWon Currency = "KRW"
	// CaymanianDollar Caymanian Dollar
	CaymanianDollar Currency = "KYD"
	// KazakhstaniTenge Kazakhstani Tenge
	KazakhstaniTenge Currency = "KZT"
	// LebanesePound Lebanese Pound
	LebanesePound Currency = "LBP"
	// MoroccanDirham Moroccan Dirham
	MoroccanDirham Currency = "MAD"
	// MongolianTughrik Mongolian Tughrik
	MongolianTughrik Currency = "MNT"
	// MacanesePataca Macanese Pataca
	MacanesePataca Currency = "MOP"
	// MauritianRupee Mauritian Rupee
	MauritianRupee Currency = "MUR"
	// MexicanPeso Mexican Peso
	MexicanPeso Currency = "MXN"
	// MalaysianRinggit Malaysian Ringgit
	MalaysianRinggit Currency = "MYR"
	// NamibianDollar Namibian Dollar
	NamibianDollar Currency = "NAD"
	// NigerianNaira Nigerian Naira
	NigerianNaira Currency = "NGN"
	// NorwegianKrone Norwegian Krone
	NorwegianKrone Currency = "NOK"
	// NewZealandDollar New Zealand Dollar
	NewZealandDollar Currency = "NZD"
	// PanamanianBalboa Panamanian Balboa
	PanamanianBalboa Currency = "PAB"
	// PeruvianSol Peruvian Sol
	PeruvianSol Currency = "PEN"
	// PhilippinePeso Philippine Peso
	PhilippinePeso Currency = "PHP"
	// ParaguayanGuaraní Paraguayan Guaraní
	ParaguayanGuaraní Currency = "PYG"
	// QatariRiyal Qatari Riyal
	QatariRiyal Currency = "QAR"
	// RussianRuble Russian Ruble
	RussianRuble Currency = "RUB"
	// SaudiArabianRiyal Saudi Arabian Riyal
	SaudiArabianRiyal Currency = "SAR"
	// SingaporeDollar Singapore Dollar
	SingaporeDollar Currency = "SGD"
	// ThaiBaht Thai Baht
	ThaiBaht Currency = "THB"
	// TurkishLira Turkish Lira
	TurkishLira Currency = "TRY"
	// TrinidadianDollar Trinidadian Dollar
	TrinidadianDollar Currency = "TTD"
	// TaiwanNewDollar Taiwan New Dollar
	TaiwanNewDollar Currency = "TWD"
	// TanzanianShilling Tanzanian Shilling
	TanzanianShilling Currency = "TZS"
	// UnitedStatesDollar United States Dollar
	UnitedStatesDollar Currency = "USD"
	// UruguayanPeso Uruguayan Peso
	UruguayanPeso Currency = "UYU"
	// VietnameseDong Vietnamese Dong
	VietnameseDong Currency = "VND"
	// EasternCaribbeanDollar Eastern Caribbean Dollar
	EasternCaribbeanDollar Currency = "XCD"
	// SouthAfricanRand South African Rand
	SouthAfricanRand Currency = "ZAR"

type DeliveryFlag

type DeliveryFlag string

DeliveryFlag custom type for delivery flags

const (
	// AmazonGlobal constant for AmazonGlobal delivery flag
	AmazonGlobal DeliveryFlag = "AmazonGlobal"
	// FreeShipping constant for FreeShipping delivery flag
	FreeShipping DeliveryFlag = "FreeShipping"
	// FulfilledByAmazon constant for FulfilledByAmazon delivery flag
	FulfilledByAmazon DeliveryFlag = "FulfilledByAmazon"
	// Prime constant for Prime delivery flag
	Prime DeliveryFlag = "Prime"

type DimensionBasedAttribute

type DimensionBasedAttribute struct {
	Height UnitBasedAttribute `json:"Height,omitempty"`
	Length UnitBasedAttribute `json:"Length,omitempty"`
	Weight UnitBasedAttribute `json:"Weight,omitempty"`
	Width  UnitBasedAttribute `json:"Width,omitempty"`

DimensionBasedAttribute represents DimensionBasedAttribute object in json response

type DurationPrice

type DurationPrice struct {
	Price    OfferPrice         `json:"Price,omitempty"`
	Duration UnitBasedAttribute `json:"Duration,omitempty"`

DurationPrice represents DurationPrice object in json response

type ErrInvalidResource

type ErrInvalidResource struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrInvalidResource is thrown when a resource is not compatible with an operation

func (ErrInvalidResource) Error

func (e ErrInvalidResource) Error() string

type Error

type Error struct {
	Type    string `json:"__type,omitempty"`
	Code    string `json:"Code,omitempty"`
	Message string `json:"Message,omitempty"`

Error represents Error object in json response

type ExternalIds

type ExternalIds struct {
	EANs  MultiValuedAttribute `json:"EANs,omitempty"`
	ISBNs MultiValuedAttribute `json:"ISBNs,omitempty"`
	UPCs  MultiValuedAttribute `json:"UPCs,omitempty"`

ExternalIds represents ExternalIds object in json response

type GetBrowseNodesParams

type GetBrowseNodesParams struct {
	BrowseNodeIds         []string
	LanguagesOfPreference []Language
	Resources             []Resource

GetBrowseNodesParams holds parameters to be passed to GetBrowseNodes operation

func (GetBrowseNodesParams) Payload

func (p GetBrowseNodesParams) Payload() (map[string]interface{}, error)

Payload constructs payload to be sent along with the API request

func (GetBrowseNodesParams) ResourceList

func (p GetBrowseNodesParams) ResourceList() []Resource

ResourceList returns the list of resources in GetBrowseNodesParams

type GetBrowseNodesResponse

type GetBrowseNodesResponse struct {
	Errors            []Error           `json:"Errors,omitempty"`
	BrowseNodesResult BrowseNodesResult `json:"BrowseNodesResult,omitempty"`

GetBrowseNodesResponse holds response from GetBrowseNodes operation

type GetItemsParams

type GetItemsParams struct {
	Condition             Condition
	CurrencyOfPreference  Currency
	ItemIds               []string
	LanguagesOfPreference []Language
	Merchant              Merchant
	OfferCount            int
	Resources             []Resource

GetItemsParams holds parameters to be passed to GetItems operation

func (GetItemsParams) Payload

func (p GetItemsParams) Payload() (map[string]interface{}, error)

Payload constructs payload to be sent along with the API request

func (GetItemsParams) ResourceList

func (p GetItemsParams) ResourceList() []Resource

ResourceList returns the list of resources in GetItemsParams

type GetItemsResponse

type GetItemsResponse struct {
	Errors      []Error     `json:"Errors,omitempty"`
	ItemsResult ItemsResult `json:"ItemsResult,omitempty"`

GetItemsResponse holds response from GetItems operation

type GetVariationsParams

type GetVariationsParams struct {
	ASIN                  string
	Condition             Condition
	CurrencyOfPreference  Currency
	LanguagesOfPreference []Language
	Merchant              Merchant
	OfferCount            int
	Resources             []Resource
	VariationCount        int
	VariationPage         int

GetVariationsParams holds parameters to be passed to GetVariations operation

func (GetVariationsParams) Payload

func (p GetVariationsParams) Payload() (map[string]interface{}, error)

Payload constructs payload to be sent along with the API request

func (GetVariationsParams) ResourceList

func (p GetVariationsParams) ResourceList() []Resource

ResourceList returns the list of resources in GetVariationsParams

type GetVariationsResponse

type GetVariationsResponse struct {
	Errors           []Error          `json:"Errors,omitempty"`
	VariationsResult VariationsResult `json:"VariationsResult,omitempty"`

GetVariationsResponse holds response from GetVariations operation

type ImageSize

type ImageSize struct {
	URL    string `json:"URL,omitempty"`
	Height int    `json:"Height,omitempty"`
	Width  int    `json:"Width,omitempty"`

ImageSize represents ImageSize object in json response

type ImageType

type ImageType struct {
	Small  ImageSize `json:"Small,omitempty"`
	Medium ImageSize `json:"Medium,omitempty"`
	Large  ImageSize `json:"Large,omitempty"`

ImageType represents ImageType object in json response

type Images

type Images struct {
	Primary  ImageType   `json:"Primary,omitempty"`
	Variants []ImageType `json:"Variants,omitempty"`

Images represents Images object in json response

type Item

type Item struct {
	ASIN                string               `json:"ASIN,omitempty"`
	BrowseNodeInfo      BrowseNodeInfo       `json:"BrowseNodeInfo,omitempty"`
	DetailPageURL       string               `json:"DetailPageURL,omitempty"`
	Images              Images               `json:"Images,omitempty"`
	ItemInfo            ItemInfo             `json:"ItemInfo,omitempty"`
	Offers              Offers               `json:"Offers,omitempty"`
	ParentASIN          string               `json:"ParentASIN,omitempty"`
	RentalOffers        RentalOffers         `json:"RentalOffers,omitempty"`
	Score               float32              `json:"Score,omitempty"`
	VariationAttributes []VariationAttribute `json:"VariationAttributes,omitempty"`

Item represents Item object in json response

type ItemInfo

type ItemInfo struct {
	ByLineInfo      ByLineInfo                  `json:"ByLineInfo,omitempty"`
	Classifications Classifications             `json:"Classifications,omitempty"`
	ContentInfo     ContentInfo                 `json:"ContentInfo,omitempty"`
	ContentRating   ContentRating               `json:"ContentRating,omitempty"`
	ExternalIds     ExternalIds                 `json:"ExternalIds,omitempty"`
	Features        MultiValuedAttribute        `json:"Features,omitempty"`
	ManufactureInfo ManufactureInfo             `json:"ManufactureInfo,omitempty"`
	ProductInfo     ProductInfo                 `json:"ProductInfo,omitempty"`
	TechnicalInfo   TechnicalInfo               `json:"TechnicalInfo,omitempty"`
	Title           SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"Title,omitempty"`
	TradeInInfo     TradeInInfo                 `json:"TradeInInfo,omitempty"`

ItemInfo represents ItemInfo object in json response

type ItemsResult

type ItemsResult struct {
	Items []Item `json:"Items,omitempty"`

ItemsResult represents ItemsResult object in json response

type Language

type Language string

Language custom type for languages

const (
	// ArabicUnitedArabEmirates English (United Arab Emirates)
	ArabicUnitedArabEmirates Language = "ar_AE"
	// CzechCzechia Czech (Czechia)
	CzechCzechia Language = "cs_CZ"
	// GermanGermany German (Germany)
	GermanGermany Language = "de_DE"
	// EnglishUnitedArabEmirates English (United Arab Emirates)
	EnglishUnitedArabEmirates Language = "en_AE"
	// EnglishAustralia English (Australia)
	EnglishAustralia Language = "en_AU"
	// EnglishCanada English (Canada)
	EnglishCanada Language = "en_CA"
	// EnglishUnitedKingdom English (United Kingdom)
	EnglishUnitedKingdom Language = "en_GB"
	// EnglishIndia English (India)
	EnglishIndia Language = "en_IN"
	// EnglishSingapore English (Singapore)
	EnglishSingapore Language = "en_SG"
	// EnglishUnitedStates English (United States)
	EnglishUnitedStates Language = "en_US"
	// SpanishSpain Spanish (Spain)
	SpanishSpain Language = "es_ES"
	// SpanishMexico Spanish (Mexico)
	SpanishMexico Language = "es_MX"
	// SpanishUnitedStates Spanish (United States)
	SpanishUnitedStates Language = "es_US"
	// FrenchCanada French (Canada)
	FrenchCanada Language = "fr_CA"
	// FrenchFrance French (France)
	FrenchFrance Language = "fr_FR"
	// ItalianItaly Italian (Italy)
	ItalianItaly Language = "it_IT"
	// JapaneseJapan Japanese (Japan)
	JapaneseJapan Language = "ja_JP"
	// KoreanKorea Korean (Korea)
	KoreanKorea Language = "ko_KR"
	// DutchNetherlands Dutch (Netherlands)
	DutchNetherlands Language = "nl_NL"
	// PolishPoland Polish (Poland)
	PolishPoland Language = "pl_PL"
	// PortugueseBrazil Portuguese (Brazil)
	PortugueseBrazil Language = "pt_BR"
	// TurkishTurkey Turkish (Turkey)
	TurkishTurkey Language = "tr_TR"
	// ChineseChina Chinese (China)
	ChineseChina Language = "zh_CN"
	// ChineseTaiwan Chinese (Taiwan)
	ChineseTaiwan Language = "zh_TW"

type LanguageType

type LanguageType struct {
	DisplayValue string `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Type         string `json:"Type,omitempty"`

LanguageType represents LanguageType object in json response

type Languages

type Languages struct {
	DisplayValues []LanguageType `json:"DisplayValues,omitempty"`
	Label         string         `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale        string         `json:"Locale,omitempty"`

Languages represents Languages object in json response

type Locale

type Locale string

Locale custom type for locales

const (
	// Australia Locale for Australia
	Australia Locale = "AU"
	// Brazil Locale for Brazil
	Brazil Locale = "BR"
	// Canada Locale for Canada
	Canada Locale = "CA"
	// France Locale for France
	France Locale = "FR"
	// Germany Locale for Germany
	Germany Locale = "DE"
	// India Locale for India
	India Locale = "IN"
	// Italy Locale for Italy
	Italy Locale = "IT"
	// Japan Locale for Japan
	Japan Locale = "JP"
	// Mexico Locale for Mexico
	Mexico Locale = "MX"
	// Netherlands Locale for Netherlands
	Netherlands Locale = "NL"
	// Singapore Locale for Singapore
	Singapore Locale = "SG"
	// Spain Locale for Spain
	Spain Locale = "ES"
	// Turkey Locale for Turkey
	Turkey Locale = "TR"
	// UnitedArabEmirates Locale for United Arab Emirates
	UnitedArabEmirates Locale = "AE"
	// UnitedKingdom Locale for United Kingdom
	UnitedKingdom Locale = "UK"
	// UnitedStates Locale for United States
	UnitedStates Locale = "US"

func (Locale) Host

func (l Locale) Host() string

Host returns host for a locale

func (Locale) IsValid

func (l Locale) IsValid() bool

IsValid checks if a locale is valie or not

func (Locale) Marketplace

func (l Locale) Marketplace() string

Marketplace returns a marketplace for a locale

func (Locale) Region

func (l Locale) Region() string

Region returns a region for a locale

type ManufactureInfo

type ManufactureInfo struct {
	ItemPartNumber SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"ItemPartNumber,omitempty"`
	Model          SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"Model,omitempty"`
	Warranty       SingleStringValuedAttribute `json:"Warranty,omitempty"`

ManufactureInfo represents ManufactureInfo object in json response

type Merchant

type Merchant string

Merchant custom type for merchant types

const (
	// AllMerchants constant for any merchant
	AllMerchants Merchant = "All"
	// Amazon constant for Amazon merchant
	Amazon Merchant = "Amazon"

type MultiValuedAttribute

type MultiValuedAttribute struct {
	DisplayValues []string `json:"DisplayValues,omitempty"`
	Label         string   `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale        string   `json:"Locale,omitempty"`

MultiValuedAttribute represents MultiValuedAttribute object in json response

type OfferAvailability

type OfferAvailability struct {
	MaxOrderQuantity int    `json:"MaxOrderQuantity,omitempty"`
	Message          string `json:"Message,omitempty"`
	MinOrderQuantity int    `json:"MinOrderQuantity,omitempty"`
	Type             string `json:"Type,omitempty"`

OfferAvailability represents OfferAvailability object in json response

type OfferCondition

type OfferCondition struct {
	DisplayValue string            `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Label        string            `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale       string            `json:"Locale,omitempty"`
	Value        string            `json:"Value,omitempty"`
	SubCondition OfferSubCondition `json:"SubCondition,omitempty"`

OfferCondition represents OfferCondition object in json response

type OfferDeliveryInfo

type OfferDeliveryInfo struct {
	IsAmazonFulfilled      bool                  `json:"IsAmazonFulfilled,omitempty"`
	IsFreeShippingEligible bool                  `json:"IsFreeShippingEligible,omitempty"`
	IsPrimeEligible        bool                  `json:"IsPrimeEligible,omitempty"`
	ShippingCharges        []OfferShippingCharge `json:"ShippingCharges,omitempty"`

OfferDeliveryInfo represents OfferDeliveryInfo object in json response

type OfferListing

type OfferListing struct {
	Availability       OfferAvailability       `json:"Availability,omitempty"`
	Condition          OfferCondition          `json:"Condition,omitempty"`
	DeliveryInfo       OfferDeliveryInfo       `json:"DeliveryInfo,omitempty"`
	Id                 string                  `json:"Id,omitempty"`
	IsBuyBoxWinner     bool                    `json:"IsBuyBoxWinner,omitempty"`
	LoyaltyPoints      OfferLoyaltyPoints      `json:"LoyaltyPoints,omitempty"`
	MerchantInfo       OfferMerchantInfo       `json:"MerchantInfo,omitempty"`
	Price              OfferPrice              `json:"Price,omitempty"`
	ProgramEligibility OfferProgramEligibility `json:"ProgramEligibility,omitempty"`
	Promotions         []OfferPromotion        `json:"Promotions,omitempty"`
	SavingBasis        OfferPrice              `json:"SavingBasis,omitempty"`
	ViolatesMAP        bool                    `json:"ViolatesMAP,omitempty"`

OfferListing represents OfferListing object in json response

type OfferLoyaltyPoints

type OfferLoyaltyPoints struct {
	Points int `json:"Points,omitempty"`

OfferLoyaltyPoints represents OfferLoyaltyPoints object in json response

type OfferMerchantInfo

type OfferMerchantInfo struct {
	DefaultShippingCountry string `json:"DefaultShippingCountry,omitempty"`
	Id                     string `json:"Id,omitempty"`
	Name                   string `json:"Name,omitempty"`

OfferMerchantInfo represents OfferMerchantInfo object in json response

type OfferPrice

type OfferPrice struct {
	Amount        float32      `json:"Amount,omitempty"`
	Currency      string       `json:"Currency,omitempty"`
	DisplayAmount string       `json:"DisplayAmount,omitempty"`
	PricePerUnit  float32      `json:"PricePerUnit,omitempty"`
	Savings       OfferSavings `json:"Savings,omitempty"`

OfferPrice represents OfferPrice object in json response

type OfferProgramEligibility

type OfferProgramEligibility struct {
	IsPrimeExclusive bool `json:"IsPrimeExclusive,omitempty"`
	IsPrimePantry    bool `json:"IsPrimePantry,omitempty"`

OfferProgramEligibility represents OfferProgramEligibility object in json response

type OfferPromotion

type OfferPromotion struct {
	Amount          float32 `json:"Amount,omitempty"`
	Currency        string  `json:"Currency,omitempty"`
	DiscountPercent int     `json:"DiscountPercent,omitempty"`
	DisplayAmount   string  `json:"DisplayAmount,omitempty"`
	PricePerUnit    float32 `json:"PricePerUnit,omitempty"`
	Type            string  `json:"Type,omitempty"`

OfferPromotion represents OfferPromotion object in json response

type OfferSavings

type OfferSavings struct {
	Amount        float32 `json:"Amount,omitempty"`
	Currency      string  `json:"Currency,omitempty"`
	DisplayAmount string  `json:"DisplayAmount,omitempty"`
	Percentage    int     `json:"Percentage,omitempty"`
	PricePerUnit  float32 `json:"PricePerUnit,omitempty"`

OfferSavings represents OfferSavings object in json response

type OfferShippingCharge

type OfferShippingCharge struct {
	Amount             float32 `json:"Amount,omitempty"`
	Currency           string  `json:"Currency,omitempty"`
	DisplayAmount      string  `json:"DisplayAmount,omitempty"`
	IsRateTaxInclusive bool    `json:"IsRateTaxInclusive,omitempty"`
	Type               string  `json:"Type,omitempty"`

OfferShippingCharge represents OfferShippingCharge object in json response

type OfferSubCondition

type OfferSubCondition struct {
	DisplayValue string `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Label        string `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale       string `json:"Locale,omitempty"`
	Value        string `json:"Value,omitempty"`

OfferSubCondition represents OfferSubCondition object in json response

type OfferSummary

type OfferSummary struct {
	Condition    OfferCondition `json:"Condition,omitempty"`
	HighestPrice OfferPrice     `json:"HighestPrice,omitempty"`
	LowestPrice  OfferPrice     `json:"LowestPrice,omitempty"`
	OfferCount   int            `json:"OfferCount,omitempty"`

OfferSummary represents OfferSummary object in json response

type Offers

type Offers struct {
	Listings  []OfferListing `json:"Listings,omitempty"`
	Summaries []OfferSummary `json:"Summaries,omitempty"`

Offers represents Offers object in json response

type Operation

type Operation string

Operation custom type for PA API operations

const (
	// GetBrowseNodes constant for GetBrowseNodes operation
	GetBrowseNodes Operation = "GetBrowseNodes"
	// GetItems constant for GetItems operation
	GetItems Operation = "GetItems"
	// GetVariations constant for GetVariations operation
	GetVariations Operation = "GetVariations"
	// SearchItems constant for SearchItems operation
	SearchItems Operation = "SearchItems"

func (Operation) Validate

func (o Operation) Validate(resources []Resource) error

Validate validates resources for an operation

type Price

type Price struct {
	HighestPrice OfferPrice `json:"HighestPrice,omitempty"`
	LowestPrice  OfferPrice `json:"LowestPrice,omitempty"`

Price represents Price object in json response

type ProductInfo

type ProductInfo struct {
	Color          SingleStringValuedAttribute  `json:"Color,omitempty"`
	IsAdultProduct SingleBooleanValuedAttribute `json:"IsAdultProduct,omitempty"`
	ItemDimensions DimensionBasedAttribute      `json:"ItemDimensions,omitempty"`
	ReleaseDate    SingleStringValuedAttribute  `json:"ReleaseDate,omitempty"`
	Size           SingleStringValuedAttribute  `json:"Size,omitempty"`
	UnitCount      SingleIntegerValuedAttribute `json:"UnitCount,omitempty"`

ProductInfo represents ProductInfo object in json response

type Properties

type Properties map[string]string

Properties custom type to hold property pairs

func (Properties) Add

func (p Properties) Add(key, value string)

Add adds property key value pair

func (Properties) Exists

func (p Properties) Exists(key string) bool

Exists checks if key exists

func (Properties) Length

func (p Properties) Length() int

Length returns the count of key value pairs in Properties typed variable

func (Properties) Remove

func (p Properties) Remove(key string)

Remove deletes a property value by its key

type Refinement

type Refinement struct {
	Bins        []RefinementBin `json:"Bins,omitempty"`
	DisplayName string          `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Id          string          `json:"Id,omitempty"`

Refinement represents Refinement object in json response

type RefinementBin

type RefinementBin struct {
	DisplayName string `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Id          string `json:"Id,omitempty"`

RefinementBin represents RefinementBin object in json response

type RentalOfferListing

type RentalOfferListing struct {
	Availability OfferAvailability `json:"Availability,omitempty"`
	BasePrice    DurationPrice     `json:"BasePrice,omitempty"`
	Condition    OfferCondition    `json:"Condition,omitempty"`
	DeliveryInfo OfferDeliveryInfo `json:"DeliveryInfo,omitempty"`
	Id           string            `json:"Id,omitempty"`
	MerchantInfo OfferMerchantInfo `json:"MerchantInfo,omitempty"`

RentalOfferListing represents RentalOfferListing object in json response

type RentalOffers

type RentalOffers struct {
	Listings []RentalOfferListing `json:"Listings,omitempty"`

RentalOffers represents RentalOffers object in json response

type Resource

type Resource string

Resource determine what information will be returned in the API response

const (
	// BrowseNodesAncestor constant for BrowseNodes.Ancestor resource
	BrowseNodesAncestor Resource = "BrowseNodes.Ancestor"
	// BrowseNodesChildren constant for BrowseNodes.Children resource
	BrowseNodesChildren Resource = "BrowseNodes.Children"
	// BrowseNodeInfoBrowseNodes constant for BrowseNodeInfo.BrowseNodes resource
	BrowseNodeInfoBrowseNodes Resource = "BrowseNodeInfo.BrowseNodes"
	// BrowseNodeInfoBrowseNodesAncestor constant for BrowseNodeInfo.BrowseNodes.Ancestor resource
	BrowseNodeInfoBrowseNodesAncestor Resource = "BrowseNodeInfo.BrowseNodes.Ancestor"
	// BrowseNodeInfoBrowseNodesSalesRank constant for BrowseNodeInfo.BrowseNodes.SalesRank resource
	BrowseNodeInfoBrowseNodesSalesRank Resource = "BrowseNodeInfo.BrowseNodes.SalesRank"
	// BrowseNodeInfoWebsiteSalesRank constant for BrowseNodeInfo.WebsiteSalesRank resource
	BrowseNodeInfoWebsiteSalesRank Resource = "BrowseNodeInfo.WebsiteSalesRank"
	// CustomerReviewsCount constant for CustomerReviews.Count resource
	CustomerReviewsCount Resource = "CustomerReviews.Count"
	// CustomerReviewsStarRating constant for CustomerReviews.StarRating resource
	CustomerReviewsStarRating Resource = "CustomerReviews.StarRating"
	// ImagesPrimarySmall constant for Images.Primary.Small resource
	ImagesPrimarySmall Resource = "Images.Primary.Small"
	// ImagesPrimaryMedium constant for Images.Primary.Medium resource
	ImagesPrimaryMedium Resource = "Images.Primary.Medium"
	// ImagesPrimaryLarge constant for Images.Primary.Large resource
	ImagesPrimaryLarge Resource = "Images.Primary.Large"
	// ImagesVariantsSmall constant for Images.Variants.Small resource
	ImagesVariantsSmall Resource = "Images.Variants.Small"
	// ImagesVariantsMedium constant for Images.Variants.Medium resource
	ImagesVariantsMedium Resource = "Images.Variants.Medium"
	// ImagesVariantsLarge constant for Images.Variants.Large resource
	ImagesVariantsLarge Resource = "Images.Variants.Large"
	// ItemInfoByLineInfo constant for ItemInfo.ByLineInfo resource
	ItemInfoByLineInfo Resource = "ItemInfo.ByLineInfo"
	// ItemInfoContentInfo constant for ItemInfo.ContentInfo resource
	ItemInfoContentInfo Resource = "ItemInfo.ContentInfo"
	// ItemInfoContentRating constant for ItemInfo.ContentRating resource
	ItemInfoContentRating Resource = "ItemInfo.ContentRating"
	// ItemInfoClassifications constant for ItemInfo.Classifications resource
	ItemInfoClassifications Resource = "ItemInfo.Classifications"
	// ItemInfoExternalIds constant for ItemInfo.ExternalIds resource
	ItemInfoExternalIds Resource = "ItemInfo.ExternalIds"
	// ItemInfoFeatures constant for ItemInfo.Features resource
	ItemInfoFeatures Resource = "ItemInfo.Features"
	// ItemInfoManufactureInfo constant for ItemInfo.ManufactureInfo resource
	ItemInfoManufactureInfo Resource = "ItemInfo.ManufactureInfo"
	// ItemInfoProductInfo constant for ItemInfo.ProductInfo resource
	ItemInfoProductInfo Resource = "ItemInfo.ProductInfo"
	// ItemInfoTechnicalInfo constant for ItemInfo.TechnicalInfo resource
	ItemInfoTechnicalInfo Resource = "ItemInfo.TechnicalInfo"
	// ItemInfoTitle constant for ItemInfo.Title resource
	ItemInfoTitle Resource = "ItemInfo.Title"
	// ItemInfoTradeInInfo constant for ItemInfo.TradeInInfo resource
	ItemInfoTradeInInfo Resource = "ItemInfo.TradeInInfo"
	// OffersListingsAvailabilityMaxOrderQuantity constant for Offers.Listings.Availability.MaxOrderQuantity resource
	OffersListingsAvailabilityMaxOrderQuantity Resource = "Offers.Listings.Availability.MaxOrderQuantity"
	// OffersListingsAvailabilityMessage constant for Offers.Listings.Availability.Message resource
	OffersListingsAvailabilityMessage Resource = "Offers.Listings.Availability.Message"
	// OffersListingsAvailabilityMinOrderQuantity constant for Offers.Listings.Availability.MinOrderQuantity resource
	OffersListingsAvailabilityMinOrderQuantity Resource = "Offers.Listings.Availability.MinOrderQuantity"
	// OffersListingsAvailabilityType constant for Offers.Listings.Availability.Type resource
	OffersListingsAvailabilityType Resource = "Offers.Listings.Availability.Type"
	// OffersListingsCondition constant for Offers.Listings.Condition resource
	OffersListingsCondition Resource = "Offers.Listings.Condition"
	// OffersListingsConditionSubCondition constant for Offers.Listings.Condition.SubCondition resource
	OffersListingsConditionSubCondition Resource = "Offers.Listings.Condition.SubCondition"
	// OffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsAmazonFulfilled constant for Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsAmazonFulfilled resource
	OffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsAmazonFulfilled Resource = "Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsAmazonFulfilled"
	// OffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsFreeShippingEligible constant for Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsFreeShippingEligible resource
	OffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsFreeShippingEligible Resource = "Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsFreeShippingEligible"
	// OffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsPrimeEligible constant for Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsPrimeEligible resource
	OffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsPrimeEligible Resource = "Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsPrimeEligible"
	// OffersListingsDeliveryInfoShippingCharges constant for Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.ShippingCharges resource
	OffersListingsDeliveryInfoShippingCharges Resource = "Offers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.ShippingCharges"
	// OffersListingsIsBuyBoxWinner constant for Offers.Listings.IsBuyBoxWinner resource
	OffersListingsIsBuyBoxWinner Resource = "Offers.Listings.IsBuyBoxWinner"
	// OffersListingsLoyaltyPointsPoints constant for Offers.Listings.LoyaltyPoints.Points resource
	OffersListingsLoyaltyPointsPoints Resource = "Offers.Listings.LoyaltyPoints.Points"
	// OffersListingsMerchantInfo constant for Offers.Listings.MerchantInfo resource
	OffersListingsMerchantInfo Resource = "Offers.Listings.MerchantInfo"
	// OffersListingsPrice constant for Offers.Listings.Price resource
	OffersListingsPrice Resource = "Offers.Listings.Price"
	// OffersListingsProgramEligibilityIsPrimeExclusive constant for Offers.Listings.ProgramEligibility.IsPrimeExclusive resource
	OffersListingsProgramEligibilityIsPrimeExclusive Resource = "Offers.Listings.ProgramEligibility.IsPrimeExclusive"
	// OffersListingsProgramEligibilityIsPrimePantry constant for Offers.Listings.ProgramEligibility.IsPrimePantry resource
	OffersListingsProgramEligibilityIsPrimePantry Resource = "Offers.Listings.ProgramEligibility.IsPrimePantry"
	// OffersListingsPromotions constant for Offers.Listings.Promotions resource
	OffersListingsPromotions Resource = "Offers.Listings.Promotions"
	// OffersListingsSavingBasis constant for Offers.Listings.SavingBasis resource
	OffersListingsSavingBasis Resource = "Offers.Listings.SavingBasis"
	// OffersSummariesHighestPrice constant for Offers.Summaries.HighestPrice resource
	OffersSummariesHighestPrice Resource = "Offers.Summaries.HighestPrice"
	// OffersSummariesLowestPrice constant for Offers.Summaries.LowestPrice resource
	OffersSummariesLowestPrice Resource = "Offers.Summaries.LowestPrice"
	// OffersSummariesOfferCount constant for Offers.Summaries.OfferCount resource
	OffersSummariesOfferCount Resource = "Offers.Summaries.OfferCount"
	// ParentASIN constant for ParentASIN resource
	ParentASIN Resource = "ParentASIN"
	// RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityMaxOrderQuantity constant for RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.MaxOrderQuantity resource
	RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityMaxOrderQuantity Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.MaxOrderQuantity"
	// RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityMessage constant for RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.Message resource
	RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityMessage Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.Message"
	// RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityMinOrderQuantity constant for RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.MinOrderQuantity resource
	RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityMinOrderQuantity Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.MinOrderQuantity"
	// RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityType constant for RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.Type resource
	RentalOffersListingsAvailabilityType Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.Availability.Type"
	// RentalOffersListingsBasePrice constant for RentalOffers.Listings.BasePrice resource
	RentalOffersListingsBasePrice Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.BasePrice"
	// RentalOffersListingsCondition constant for RentalOffers.Listings.Condition resource
	RentalOffersListingsCondition Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.Condition"
	// RentalOffersListingsConditionSubCondition constant for RentalOffers.Listings.Condition.SubCondition resource
	RentalOffersListingsConditionSubCondition Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.Condition.SubCondition"
	// RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsAmazonFulfilled constant for RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsAmazonFulfilled resource
	RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsAmazonFulfilled Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsAmazonFulfilled"
	// RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsFreeShippingEligible constant for RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsFreeShippingEligible resource
	RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsFreeShippingEligible Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsFreeShippingEligible"
	// RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsPrimeEligible constant for RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsPrimeEligible resource
	RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoIsPrimeEligible Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.IsPrimeEligible"
	// RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoShippingCharges constant for RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.ShippingCharges resource
	RentalOffersListingsDeliveryInfoShippingCharges Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.DeliveryInfo.ShippingCharges"
	// RentalOffersListingsMerchantInfo constant for RentalOffers.Listings.MerchantInfo resource
	RentalOffersListingsMerchantInfo Resource = "RentalOffers.Listings.MerchantInfo"
	// VariationSummaryPriceHighestPrice constant for VariationSummary.Price.HighestPrice resource
	VariationSummaryPriceHighestPrice Resource = "VariationSummary.Price.HighestPrice"
	// VariationSummaryPriceLowestPrice constant for VariationSummary.Price.LowestPrice resource
	VariationSummaryPriceLowestPrice Resource = "VariationSummary.Price.LowestPrice"
	// VariationSummaryVariationDimension constant for VariationSummary.VariationDimension resource
	VariationSummaryVariationDimension Resource = "VariationSummary.VariationDimension"
	// SearchRefinements constant for SearchRefinements resource
	SearchRefinements Resource = "SearchRefinements"

type SearchItemsParams

type SearchItemsParams struct {
	Actor                 string
	Artist                string
	Author                string
	Availability          Availability
	Brand                 string
	BrowseNodeId          string
	Condition             Condition
	CurrencyOfPreference  Currency
	DeliveryFlags         []DeliveryFlag
	ItemCount             int
	ItemPage              int
	Keywords              string
	LanguagesOfPreference []Language
	MaxPrice              int
	Merchant              Merchant
	MinPrice              int
	MinReviewsRating      int
	MinSavingPercent      int
	OfferCount            int
	Properties            Properties
	Resources             []Resource
	SearchIndex           string
	SortBy                SortBy
	Title                 string

SearchItemsParams holds parameters to be passed to SearchItems operation

func (SearchItemsParams) Payload

func (p SearchItemsParams) Payload() (map[string]interface{}, error)

Payload constructs payload to be sent along with the API request

func (SearchItemsParams) ResourceList

func (p SearchItemsParams) ResourceList() []Resource

ResourceList returns the list of resources in SearchItemsParams

type SearchItemsResponse

type SearchItemsResponse struct {
	Errors       []Error      `json:"Errors,omitempty"`
	SearchResult SearchResult `json:"SearchResult,omitempty"`

SearchItemsResponse holds response from SearchItems operation

type SearchRefinementsModel

type SearchRefinementsModel struct {
	BrowseNode       Refinement   `json:"BrowseNode,omitempty"`
	OtherRefinements []Refinement `json:"OtherRefinements,omitempty"`
	SearchIndex      Refinement   `json:"SearchIndex,omitempty"`

SearchRefinementsModel represents SearchRefinementsModel object in json response

type SearchResult

type SearchResult struct {
	TotalResultCount  int                    `json:"TotalResultCount,omitempty"`
	SearchURL         string                 `json:"SearchURL,omitempty"`
	Items             []Item                 `json:"Items,omitempty"`
	SearchRefinements SearchRefinementsModel `json:"SearchRefinements,omitempty"`

SearchResult represents SearchResult object in json response

type SingleBooleanValuedAttribute

type SingleBooleanValuedAttribute struct {
	DisplayValue bool   `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Label        string `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale       string `json:"Locale,omitempty"`

SingleBooleanValuedAttribute represents SingleBooleanValuedAttribute object in json response

type SingleIntegerValuedAttribute

type SingleIntegerValuedAttribute struct {
	DisplayValue int    `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Label        string `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale       string `json:"Locale,omitempty"`

SingleIntegerValuedAttribute represents SingleIntegerValuedAttribute object in json response

type SingleStringValuedAttribute

type SingleStringValuedAttribute struct {
	DisplayValue string `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Label        string `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale       string `json:"Locale,omitempty"`

SingleStringValuedAttribute represents SingleStringValuedAttribute object in json response

type SortBy

type SortBy string

SortBy custom type for sort by operation

const (
	// AvgCustomerReviews constant to sort by AvgCustomerReviews
	AvgCustomerReviews SortBy = "AvgCustomerReviews"
	// Featured constant to sort by Featured
	Featured SortBy = "Featured"
	// NewestArrivals constant to sort by NewestArrivals
	NewestArrivals SortBy = "NewestArrivals"
	// PriceHighToLow constant to sort by PriceHighToLow
	PriceHighToLow SortBy = "Price:HighToLow"
	// PriceLowToHigh constant to sort by PriceLowToHigh
	PriceLowToHigh SortBy = "Price:LowToHigh"
	// Relevance constant to sort by Relevance
	Relevance SortBy = "Relevance"

type TechnicalInfo

type TechnicalInfo struct {
	Formats MultiValuedAttribute `json:"Formats,omitempty"`

TechnicalInfo represents TechnicalInfo object in json response

type TradeInInfo

type TradeInInfo struct {
	IsEligibleForTradeIn bool         `json:"IsEligibleForTradeIn,omitempty"`
	Price                TradeInPrice `json:"Price,omitempty"`

TradeInInfo represents TradeInInfo object in json response

type TradeInPrice

type TradeInPrice struct {
	Amount        float32 `json:"Amount,omitempty"`
	Currency      string  `json:"Currency,omitempty"`
	DisplayAmount string  `json:"DisplayAmount,omitempty"`

TradeInPrice represents TradeInPrice object in json response

type UnitBasedAttribute

type UnitBasedAttribute struct {
	DisplayValue float32 `json:"DisplayValue,omitempty"`
	Label        string  `json:"Label,omitempty"`
	Locale       string  `json:"Locale,omitempty"`
	Unit         string  `json:"Unit,omitempty"`

UnitBasedAttribute represents UnitBasedAttribute object in json response

type VariationAttribute

type VariationAttribute struct {
	Name  string `json:"Name,omitempty"`
	Value string `json:"Value,omitempty"`

VariationAttribute represents VariationAttribute object in json response

type VariationDimension

type VariationDimension struct {
	DisplayName string   `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Locale      string   `json:"Locale,omitempty"`
	Name        string   `json:"Name,omitempty"`
	Values      []string `json:"Values,omitempty"`

VariationDimension represents VariationDimension object in json response

type VariationSummary

type VariationSummary struct {
	PageCount           int                  `json:"PageCount,omitempty"`
	Price               Price                `json:"Price,omitempty"`
	VariationCount      int                  `json:"VariationCount,omitempty"`
	VariationDimensions []VariationDimension `json:"VariationDimensions,omitempty"`

VariationSummary represents VariationSummary object in json response

type VariationsResult

type VariationsResult struct {
	Items            []Item           `json:"Items,omitempty"`
	VariationSummary VariationSummary `json:"VariationSummary,omitempty"`

VariationsResult represents VariationsResult object in json response

type WebsiteSalesRank

type WebsiteSalesRank struct {
	ContextFreeName string `json:"ContextFreeName,omitempty"`
	DisplayName     string `json:"DisplayName,omitempty"`
	Id              string `json:"Id,omitempty"`
	SalesRank       int    `json:"SalesRank,omitempty"`

WebsiteSalesRank represents WebsiteSalesRank object in json response

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