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GF ORM adapter for Casbin.

Based on GF ORM, and tested in:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


go get

Usage example

opts := &Adapter{
    DriverName: "mysql",
    DataSourceName: "root:1234@tcp(",
    TableName: "casbin_rule",
    // or reuse an existing connection:
    // Db: yourDBConn,

a := NewAdapterFromOptions(opts)
e := casbin.NewEnforcer("examples/rbac_model.conf", a)


you should create the database on your own.

Getting Help


This project is under Apache 2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.




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type Adapter

type Adapter struct {
	DriverName     string
	DataSourceName string
	TableName      string
	Db             gdb.DB

Adapter represents the gdb adapter for policy storage.

func NewAdapter

func NewAdapter(driverName string, dataSourceName string) (*Adapter, error)

NewAdapter is the constructor for Adapter.

func NewAdapterFromOptions

func NewAdapterFromOptions(adapter *Adapter) (*Adapter, error)

NewAdapterFromOptions is the constructor for Adapter with existed connection

func (*Adapter) AddPolicy

func (a *Adapter) AddPolicy(sec string, ptype string, rule []string) error

AddPolicy adds a policy rule to the storage.

func (*Adapter) LoadPolicy

func (a *Adapter) LoadPolicy(model model.Model) error

LoadPolicy loads policy from database.

func (*Adapter) RemoveFilteredPolicy

func (a *Adapter) RemoveFilteredPolicy(sec string, ptype string, fieldIndex int, fieldValues ...string) error

RemoveFilteredPolicy removes policy rules that match the filter from the storage.

func (*Adapter) RemovePolicy

func (a *Adapter) RemovePolicy(sec string, ptype string, rule []string) error

RemovePolicy removes a policy rule from the storage.

func (*Adapter) SavePolicy

func (a *Adapter) SavePolicy(model model.Model) error

SavePolicy saves policy to database.

type CasbinRule

type CasbinRule struct {
	PType string `json:"ptype"`
	V0    string `json:"v0"`
	V1    string `json:"v1"`
	V2    string `json:"v2"`
	V3    string `json:"v3"`
	V4    string `json:"v4"`
	V5    string `json:"v5"`

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