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Package premailer is for inline styling.

import (

func main() {
	prem, err := premailer.NewPremailerFromFile(inputFile, premailer.NewOptions())
	if err != nil {
	html, err := prem.Transform()
	if err != nil {

// Input

<style type="text/css">
	h1 { width: 300px; color:red; }
	strong { text-decoration:none; }

// Output

	<h1 style="color:red;width:300px" width="300">Hi!</h1>
	<p><strong style="text-decoration:none">Yes!</strong></p>



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type Options

type Options struct {
	// Remove class attribute from element
	// Default false
	RemoveClasses bool
	// Copy related CSS properties into HTML attributes (e.g. background-color to bgcolor)
	// Default true
	CssToAttributes bool

	// If true, then style declarations that have "!important" will keep the "!important" in the final
	// style attribute
	// Example:
	//		<style>p { width: 100% !important }</style><p>Text</p>
	// gives
	//		<p style="width: 100% !important">Text</p>
	KeepBangImportant bool

Options for controlling behaviour

func NewOptions

func NewOptions() *Options

NewOptions return an Options instance with default value

type Premailer

type Premailer interface {
	// Transform process and inlining css
	// It start to collect the rules in the document style tags
	// Calculate specificity and sort the rules based on that
	// It then collects the affected elements
	// And applies the rules on those
	// The leftover rules will put back into a style element
	Transform() (string, error)

Premailer is the inteface of Premailer

func NewPremailer

func NewPremailer(doc *goquery.Document, options *Options) Premailer

NewPremailer return a new instance of Premailer It take a Document as argument and it shouldn't be nil

func NewPremailerFromBytes

func NewPremailerFromBytes(doc []byte, options *Options) (Premailer, error)

NewPremailerFromBytes take in a document in byte and create a goquery.Document and then create and Premailer instance.

func NewPremailerFromFile

func NewPremailerFromFile(filename string, options *Options) (Premailer, error)

NewPremailerFromFile take an filename Read the content of this file and create a goquery.Document and then create and Premailer instance.

func NewPremailerFromString

func NewPremailerFromString(doc string, options *Options) (Premailer, error)

NewPremailerFromString take in a document in string format and create a goquery.Document and then create and Premailer instance.

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