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type Client

type Client interface {
	// Status returns the status info. This is used to check if the server
	// is responsive and reachable.
	Status() (*scheme.Status, error)

	// Version returns the version info.
	Version() (*scheme.Version, error)

	// Config returns the unified configuration info.
	Config() (*scheme.Config, error)

	// Plugins returns the summary of all plugins currently registered with
	// Synse Server.
	Plugins() ([]*scheme.PluginMeta, error)

	// Plugin returns data from a specific plugin.
	Plugin(string) (*scheme.Plugin, error)

	// PluginHealth returns the summary of the health of registered plugins.
	PluginHealth() (*scheme.PluginHealth, error)

	// Scan returns the list of devices that Synse knows about and can read
	// from/write to via the configured plugins.
	// It can be filtered to show only those devices which match a set
	// of provided tags by using ScanOptions.
	Scan(scheme.ScanOptions) ([]*scheme.Scan, error)

	// Tags returns the list of all tags currently associated with devices.
	// If no TagsOptions is specified, the default tag namespace will be used.
	Tags(scheme.TagsOptions) ([]string, error)

	// Info returns the full set of meta info and capabilities for a specific
	// device.
	Info(string) (*scheme.Info, error)

	// Read returns data from devices which match the set of provided tags
	// using ReadOptions.
	Read(scheme.ReadOptions) ([]*scheme.Read, error)

	// ReadDevice returns data from a specific device.
	// It is the same as Read() where the label matches the device id tag
	// specified in ReadOptions.
	ReadDevice(string) ([]*scheme.Read, error)

	// ReadCache returns cached reading data from the registered plugins.
	ReadCache(scheme.ReadCacheOptions, chan<- *scheme.Read) error

	// ReadStream returns a stream of current reading data from the
	// registered plugins.
	ReadStream(scheme.ReadStreamOptions, chan<- *scheme.Read, chan struct{}) error

	// WriteAsync writes data to a device, in an asynchronous manner.
	WriteAsync(string, []scheme.WriteData) ([]*scheme.Write, error)

	// WriteSync writes data to a device, waiting for the write to complete.
	WriteSync(string, []scheme.WriteData) ([]*scheme.Transaction, error)

	// Transactions returns the sorted list of all cached transaction IDs.
	Transactions() ([]string, error)

	// Transaction returns the state and status of a write transaction.
	Transaction(string) (*scheme.Transaction, error)

	// GetOptions returns the current config options of the client.
	GetOptions() *Options

	// Open opens the websocket connection between the client and Synse Server.
	// As the description suggested, it is only applicable for a WebSocket
	// client. Calling this method on a HTTP Client will have no effect.
	Open() error

	// Close closes the websocket connection between the client and Synse Server.
	// It is only applicable for a WebSocket client in a sense that, one must
	// close the connection after finish using it. Calling this method on a
	// HTTP Client will have no effect.
	Close() error

Client API for Synse Server.

func NewHTTPClientV3

func NewHTTPClientV3(opts *Options) (Client, error)

NewHTTPClientV3 returns a new instance of a http client for v3 API.

func NewWebSocketClientV3

func NewWebSocketClientV3(opts *Options) (Client, error)

NewWebSocketClientV3 returns a new instance of a websocket client for v3.

type HTTPOptions

type HTTPOptions struct {
	// Timeout specifies a time limit for a http request.
	Timeout time.Duration `default:"2s"`

	// Retry specifies the options for retry mechanism.
	Retry RetryOptions

HTTPOptions is the config options for http protocol,

type Options

type Options struct {
	// Address specifies the URL of Synse Server in the format `host[:port]`.
	Address string `default:"-"`

	// HTTP specifies the options for http protocol, used by a http client.

	// WebSocket specifies the options for websocket protocol, used by a
	// websocket client.
	WebSocket WebSocketOptions

	// TLS specifies the options for TLS/SSL communication.
	TLS TLSOptions

Options is the root config options.

type RetryOptions

type RetryOptions struct {
	// Count specifies the number of retry attempts. Zero value means no retry.
	Count uint `default:"3"`

	// WaitTime specifies the wait time before retrying request. It is
	// increased after each attempt.
	WaitTime time.Duration `default:"100ms"`

	// MaxWaitTime specifies the maximum wait time, the cap, of all retry
	// requests that are made.
	MaxWaitTime time.Duration `default:"2s"`

RetryOptions is the config options for backoff retry mechanism. Its strategy is to increase retry intervals after each failed attempt, until some maximum value.

type TLSOptions

type TLSOptions struct {
	// CertFile and KeyFile are public/private key pair from a pair of files to
	// use when communicating with Synse Server.
	CertFile string `default:"-"`
	KeyFile  string `default:"-"`

	// Enabled specifies whether tls is enabled.
	Enabled bool `default:"false"`

	// SkipVerify specifies whether the client can skip certificate check. If
	// it is set to true, TLS will accept any certificate presented. However,
	// due to security concern, this should only be used for testing.
	SkipVerify bool `default:"false"`

TLSOptions is the config options for TLS/SSL communication.

type WebSocketOptions

type WebSocketOptions struct {
	// HandshakeTimeout specifies the duration for the handshake to complete.
	// FIXME - note that the DefaultDialer in the gorilla/websocket pkg that
	// we're using that specifies the default handshake timeout to be 45s. I
	// don't have a sense on what is a good value either so I just use what
	// they have there.
	HandshakeTimeout time.Duration `default:"45s"`

WebSocketOptions is the config options for websocket protocol.


Path Synopsis
Package scheme defines the request and response schemes for the API client.
Package scheme defines the request and response schemes for the API client.

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