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Package manager provides access to kubernetes resources for providers.

DEPRECATION WARNING: Though this package is still in use, it should be considered deprecated as it is just wrapping a k8s client and not much else. Implementers should look at replacing their use of this with something else.



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type ResourceManager

type ResourceManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ResourceManager acts as a passthrough to a cache (lister) for pods assigned to the current node. It is also a passthrough to a cache (lister) for Kubernetes secrets and config maps.

func NewResourceManager

func NewResourceManager(podLister corev1listers.PodLister, secretLister corev1listers.SecretLister, configMapLister corev1listers.ConfigMapLister, serviceLister corev1listers.ServiceLister) (*ResourceManager, error)

NewResourceManager returns a ResourceManager with the internal maps initialized.

func (*ResourceManager) GetConfigMap

func (rm *ResourceManager) GetConfigMap(name, namespace string) (*v1.ConfigMap, error)

GetConfigMap retrieves the specified config map from the cache.

func (*ResourceManager) GetPods

func (rm *ResourceManager) GetPods() []*v1.Pod

GetPods returns a list of all known pods assigned to this virtual node.

func (*ResourceManager) GetSecret

func (rm *ResourceManager) GetSecret(name, namespace string) (*v1.Secret, error)

GetSecret retrieves the specified secret from Kubernetes.

func (*ResourceManager) ListServices added in v0.9.0

func (rm *ResourceManager) ListServices() ([]*v1.Service, error)

ListServices retrieves the list of services from Kubernetes.

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