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func CreateTempFile

func CreateTempFile(t *testing.T, content []byte) *os.File

Create temporary file

func CreateTerraformStack

func CreateTerraformStack(t *testing.T, terraformDir string)

Deploy terraform module to cloud provider

func DestroyTerraformStack

func DestroyTerraformStack(t *testing.T, terraformDir string)

Destroy previously created terraform stack

func GetEnv

func GetEnv(key, fallback string) string

Get environment variable with fallback value

func GetNodeAddress

func GetNodeAddress(t *testing.T, kubectlOptions *k8s.KubectlOptions, addrType string) string

Get k8s node's IP address of a giving type

func SetupKubeconfig

func SetupKubeconfig(t *testing.T, terraformDir string)

Write kubeconfig file from terraform output and configure to use it kubectl

func ValidateNodeCount

func ValidateNodeCount(t *testing.T, terraformDir string)

Test that the Node count matches the Terraform specification

func ValidateServiceAvailability

func ValidateServiceAvailability(t *testing.T, terraformDir string)

Test service deployment and verify it's availability on configured nodePort


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