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type Plugin

type Plugin struct {

Plugin is a plugin driver that dispatches containers to each node, expecting each pod to report to the aggregator.

func NewPlugin

func NewPlugin(dfn manifest.Manifest, namespace, sonobuoyImage, imagePullPolicy, imagePullSecrets string, customAnnotations map[string]string) *Plugin

NewPlugin creates a new DaemonSet plugin from the given Plugin Definition and sonobuoy aggregator address.

func (*Plugin) Cleanup

func (p *Plugin) Cleanup(kubeclient kubernetes.Interface)

Cleanup cleans up the k8s DaemonSet and ConfigMap created by this plugin instance.

func (*Plugin) ExpectedResults

func (p *Plugin) ExpectedResults(nodes []v1.Node) []plugin.ExpectedResult

ExpectedResults returns the list of results expected for this daemonset.

func (*Plugin) Monitor

func (p *Plugin) Monitor(ctx context.Context, kubeclient kubernetes.Interface, availableNodes []v1.Node, resultsCh chan<- *plugin.Result)

Monitor adheres to plugin.Interface by ensuring the DaemonSet is correctly configured and that each pod is running normally.

func (*Plugin) Run

func (p *Plugin) Run(kubeclient kubernetes.Interface, hostname string, cert *tls.Certificate, ownerPod *v1.Pod, progressPort string) error

Run dispatches worker pods according to the DaemonSet's configuration.

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