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func NewCommand

func NewCommand(f client.Factory) *cobra.Command

NewCommand creates a cobra command.


type InstallOptions

type InstallOptions struct {
	Namespace                         string
	Image                             string
	BucketName                        string
	Prefix                            string
	ProviderName                      string
	PodAnnotations                    flag.Map
	ServiceAccountAnnotations         flag.Map
	VeleroPodCPURequest               string
	VeleroPodMemRequest               string
	VeleroPodCPULimit                 string
	VeleroPodMemLimit                 string
	ResticPodCPURequest               string
	ResticPodMemRequest               string
	ResticPodCPULimit                 string
	ResticPodMemLimit                 string
	RestoreOnly                       bool
	SecretFile                        string
	NoSecret                          bool
	DryRun                            bool
	BackupStorageConfig               flag.Map
	VolumeSnapshotConfig              flag.Map
	UseRestic                         bool
	Wait                              bool
	UseVolumeSnapshots                bool
	DefaultResticMaintenanceFrequency time.Duration
	Plugins                           flag.StringArray
	NoDefaultBackupLocation           bool
	CRDsOnly                          bool
	CRDsVersion                       string
	CACertFile                        string
	Features                          string
	DefaultVolumesToRestic            bool

InstallOptions collects all the options for installing Velero into a Kubernetes cluster.

func NewInstallOptions

func NewInstallOptions() *InstallOptions

NewInstallOptions instantiates a new, default InstallOptions struct.

func (*InstallOptions) AsVeleroOptions

func (o *InstallOptions) AsVeleroOptions() (*install.VeleroOptions, error)

AsVeleroOptions translates the values provided at the command line into values used to instantiate Kubernetes resources

func (*InstallOptions) BindFlags

func (o *InstallOptions) BindFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet)

BindFlags adds command line values to the options struct.

func (*InstallOptions) Complete

func (o *InstallOptions) Complete(args []string, f client.Factory) error

Complete completes options for a command.

func (*InstallOptions) Run

Run executes a command in the context of the provided arguments.

func (*InstallOptions) Validate

func (o *InstallOptions) Validate(c *cobra.Command, args []string, f client.Factory) error

Validate validates options provided to a command.

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