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type MetadataField

type MetadataField struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

type OutParams

type OutParams struct {
	Wait        bool              `json:"wait"`
	WaitTimeout int               `json:"waitTimeout"`
	Input       map[string]string `json:"input"`

OutParams holds the out task params

type VRAResource

type VRAResource struct {
	Src       *VRASource
	Ver       *VRAVersion
	OutParams *OutParams

VRAResource holds the resource type configuration

func (*VRAResource) Out

func (r *VRAResource) Out(dir string) (version interface{}, metadata []interface{}, err error)

Out Puts the resource and returns the new version and metadata

func (*VRAResource) Params

func (r *VRAResource) Params() (params interface{})

Params returns pointer to the Out params definition struct

func (*VRAResource) Source

func (r *VRAResource) Source() interface{}

Source returns pointer to the source definition struct

func (*VRAResource) Version

func (r *VRAResource) Version() interface{}

Version returns pointer to the version definition struct

type VRASource

type VRASource struct {
	Host     string `json:"host"`
	Pipeline string `json:"pipeline"`
	APIToken string `json:"apiToken"`

VRASource holds the source configuration

type VRAVersion

type VRAVersion struct {
	Value string `json:"value"`

VRAVersion holds the version info

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