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type SecurityContext

type SecurityContext struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SecurityContext implements security.Context interface based on secret store

func NewSecurityContext

func NewSecurityContext(secret string, store *secret.Store) *SecurityContext

NewSecurityContext ...

func (*SecurityContext) Can added in v1.8.0

func (s *SecurityContext) Can(action rbac.Action, resource rbac.Resource) bool

Can returns whether the user can do action on resource returns true if the corresponding user of the secret is jobservice or core service, otherwise returns false

func (*SecurityContext) GetMyProjects

func (s *SecurityContext) GetMyProjects() ([]*models.Project, error)

GetMyProjects ...

func (*SecurityContext) GetProjectRoles

func (s *SecurityContext) GetProjectRoles(projectIDOrName interface{}) []int

GetProjectRoles return guest role if has read permission, otherwise return nil

func (*SecurityContext) GetUsername

func (s *SecurityContext) GetUsername() string

GetUsername returns the corresponding username of the secret or null if the secret is invalid

func (*SecurityContext) IsAuthenticated

func (s *SecurityContext) IsAuthenticated() bool

IsAuthenticated returns true if the secret is valid

func (*SecurityContext) IsSolutionUser

func (s *SecurityContext) IsSolutionUser() bool

IsSolutionUser ...

func (*SecurityContext) IsSysAdmin

func (s *SecurityContext) IsSysAdmin() bool

IsSysAdmin always returns false

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