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var ClientSetInstance *kubernetes.Clientset

ClientSetInstance helps in accessing kubernetes apis through client.


func GetAllNodesCost

func GetAllNodesCost()

GetAllNodesCost returns the cumulative cost of all the nodes.

func GetClusterNodes

func GetClusterNodes() []v1.Node

GetClusterNodes returns the list of nodes in the cluster.

func GetClusterPersistentVolumeClaims

func GetClusterPersistentVolumeClaims() []v1.PersistentVolumeClaim

GetClusterPersistentVolumeClaims returns the list of persistent volume claims for the cluster.

func GetClusterPods

func GetClusterPods() []v1.Pod

GetClusterPods returns the list of pods in cluster.

func GetClusterSummary

func GetClusterSummary()

GetClusterSummary summarizes cluster metrics.

func GetClusterVolumes

func GetClusterVolumes() []v1.PersistentVolume

GetClusterVolumes returns list of persistent volumes for the cluster.

func GetGroupByName

func GetGroupByName(groupClient *groups.GroupClient, groupName string) *groups_v1.Group

GetGroupByName return group CRD by name.

func GetPodCost

func GetPodCost(podName string)

GetPodCost returns the cumulative cost for the pods.

func GetPodsCostForLabel

func GetPodsCostForLabel(label string)

GetPodsCostForLabel returns pods cost for given label.

func GetSavings

func GetSavings()

GetSavings returns the savings summary.

func PrintGroup

func PrintGroup(group *groups_v1.Group)

PrintGroup displays the group information.

func ProvideClientSetInstance

func ProvideClientSetInstance(clientset *kubernetes.Clientset)

ProvideClientSetInstance sets the client set instance.

func SaveUserCosts

func SaveUserCosts(cpuCostPerCPUPerHour, memCostPerGBPerHour, storageCostPerGBPerHour string) bool

SaveUserCosts stores the cpu, memory and storage cost per unit per hour in the cluster as config maps.


type Cost

type Cost struct {
	TotalCost   float64
	CPUCost     float64
	MemoryCost  float64
	StorageCost float64

Cost details

func GetGroupDetails

func GetGroupDetails(group *groups_v1.Group) (*metrics.GroupMetrics, *metrics.GroupMetrics, *Cost)

GetGroupDetails returns aggregated metrics (cpu, memory, storage) and cost (total, cpu, memory and storage) of a Group

type PersistentVolumeClaim

type PersistentVolumeClaim struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PersistentVolumeClaim details

type Pod

type Pod struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Pod Information

type Price

type Price struct {
	CPU     float64
	Memory  float64
	Storage float64

Price information. NOTE: All fields are Per unit resource per hour

func GetUserCosts

func GetUserCosts() *Price

GetUserCosts gives the cpu, memory and storage cost per unit per hour which are stored in the cluster as config maps.


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