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type Bootstrap

type Bootstrap struct {
	DestinationDir string
	ImageName      string

Bootstrap defines parameters for the template processing

func NewCreate

func NewCreate(name, dst string) *Bootstrap

NewCreate returns a new bootstrap for giben image name and destination directory

func (*Bootstrap) AddDockerfile

func (b *Bootstrap) AddDockerfile()

AddDockerfile creates an example Dockerfile

func (*Bootstrap) AddSTIScripts

func (b *Bootstrap) AddSTIScripts()

AddSTIScripts creates the STI scripts directory structure and process templates for STI scripts

func (*Bootstrap) AddTests

func (b *Bootstrap) AddTests()

AddTests creates an example test for the STI image and the Makefile

type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder provides a simple Build interface

func NewBuilder

func NewBuilder(req *api.Request) (*Builder, error)

NewBuilder returns a new Builder

func (*Builder) Build

func (b *Builder) Build() (*api.Result, error)

Build processes a Request and returns a *api.Result and an error. An error represents a failure performing the build rather than a failure of the build itself. Callers should check the Success field of the result to determine whether a build succeeded or not.

type Usage

type Usage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Usage display usage information about a particular build image

func NewUsage

func NewUsage(req *api.Request) (*Usage, error)

NewUsage creates a new instance of the default Usage implementation

func (*Usage) Show

func (u *Usage) Show() error

Show starts the builder container and invokes the usage script on it to print usage information for the script.


Path Synopsis
Provides types used for processing sti requests.
Provides types used for processing sti requests.

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