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const (
	Location   = "STI_LOCATION"


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type BuildImageOptions

type BuildImageOptions struct {
	Name   string
	Stdin  io.Reader
	Stdout io.Writer

BuildImageOptions are options passed in to the BuildImage method

type Client

type Client interface {
	RemoveImage(name string) error
	InspectImage(name string) (*docker.Image, error)
	PullImage(opts docker.PullImageOptions, auth docker.AuthConfiguration) error
	CreateContainer(opts docker.CreateContainerOptions) (*docker.Container, error)
	AttachToContainer(opts docker.AttachToContainerOptions) error
	StartContainer(id string, hostConfig *docker.HostConfig) error
	WaitContainer(id string) (int, error)
	RemoveContainer(opts docker.RemoveContainerOptions) error
	CommitContainer(opts docker.CommitContainerOptions) (*docker.Image, error)
	CopyFromContainer(opts docker.CopyFromContainerOptions) error
	BuildImage(opts docker.BuildImageOptions) error

Client contains all methods called on the go Docker client.

type CommitContainerOptions

type CommitContainerOptions struct {
	ContainerID string
	Repository  string
	Command     []string
	Env         []string

CommitContainerOptions are options passed in to the CommitContainer method

type Docker

type Docker interface {
	IsImageInLocalRegistry(name string) (bool, error)
	RemoveContainer(id string) error
	GetScriptsURL(name string) (string, error)
	RunContainer(opts RunContainerOptions) error
	GetImageID(name string) (string, error)
	CommitContainer(opts CommitContainerOptions) (string, error)
	RemoveImage(name string) error
	PullImage(name string) error
	CheckAndPull(name string) (*docker.Image, error)
	BuildImage(opts BuildImageOptions) error

Docker is the interface between STI and the Docker client It contains higher level operations called from the STI build or usage commands

func NewDocker

func NewDocker(endpoint string) (Docker, error)

NewDocker creates a new implementation of the STI Docker interface

type RunContainerOptions

type RunContainerOptions struct {
	Image           string
	PullImage       bool
	ExternalScripts bool
	ScriptsURL      string
	Location        string
	Command         api.Script
	Env             []string
	Stdin           io.Reader
	Stdout          io.Writer
	Stderr          io.Writer
	OnStart         func() error
	PostExec        postExecutor

RunContainerOptions are options passed in to the RunContainer method

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