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type FakeDockerClient

type FakeDockerClient struct {
	Image                *docker.Image
	InspectImageResult   []*docker.Image
	Container            *docker.Container
	RemoveImageErr       error
	InspectImageErr      []error
	PullImageErr         error
	CreateContainerErr   error
	AttachToContainerErr error
	StartContainerErr    error
	WaitContainerResult  int
	WaitContainerErr     error
	RemoveContainerErr   error
	CommitContainerErr   error
	CopyFromContainerErr error
	BuildImageErr        error

	RemoveImageName          string
	InspectImageName         []string
	PullImageOpts            docker.PullImageOptions
	PullImageAuth            docker.AuthConfiguration
	CreateContainerOpts      docker.CreateContainerOptions
	AttachToContainerOpts    []docker.AttachToContainerOptions
	AttachToContainerSleep   time.Duration
	StartContainerID         string
	StartContainerHostConfig *docker.HostConfig
	WaitContainerID          string
	RemoveContainerOpts      docker.RemoveContainerOptions
	CommitContainerOpts      docker.CommitContainerOptions
	CopyFromContainerOpts    docker.CopyFromContainerOptions
	BuildImageOpts           docker.BuildImageOptions
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeDockerClient provides a Fake client for Docker testing

func (*FakeDockerClient) AttachToContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) AttachToContainer(opts docker.AttachToContainerOptions) error

AttachToContainer attaches to a fake container

func (*FakeDockerClient) BuildImage

func (d *FakeDockerClient) BuildImage(opts docker.BuildImageOptions) error

BuildImage builds image

func (*FakeDockerClient) CommitContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) CommitContainer(opts docker.CommitContainerOptions) (*docker.Image, error)

CommitContainer commits the fake container

func (*FakeDockerClient) CopyFromContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) CopyFromContainer(opts docker.CopyFromContainerOptions) error

CopyFromContainer copies from the fake container

func (*FakeDockerClient) CreateContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) CreateContainer(opts docker.CreateContainerOptions) (*docker.Container, error)

CreateContainer creates a fake container

func (*FakeDockerClient) InspectImage

func (d *FakeDockerClient) InspectImage(name string) (*docker.Image, error)

InspectImage inspects the fake image

func (*FakeDockerClient) PullImage

func (d *FakeDockerClient) PullImage(opts docker.PullImageOptions, auth docker.AuthConfiguration) error

PullImage pulls the fake image

func (*FakeDockerClient) RemoveContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) RemoveContainer(opts docker.RemoveContainerOptions) error

RemoveContainer removes the fake container

func (*FakeDockerClient) RemoveImage

func (d *FakeDockerClient) RemoveImage(name string) error

RemoveImage removes an image from the fake client

func (*FakeDockerClient) StartContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) StartContainer(id string, hostConfig *docker.HostConfig) error

StartContainer starts the fake container

func (*FakeDockerClient) WaitContainer

func (d *FakeDockerClient) WaitContainer(id string) (int, error)

WaitContainer waits for a fake container to finish

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