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var (
	// WithGlobalUniqueID sets the universal ids options to the migration.
	// If this option is enabled, ent migration will allocate a 1<<32 range
	// for the ids of each entity (table).
	// Note that this option cannot be applied on tables that already exist.
	WithGlobalUniqueID = schema.WithGlobalUniqueID
	// WithDropColumn sets the drop column option to the migration.
	// If this option is enabled, ent migration will drop old columns
	// that were used for both fields and edges. This defaults to false.
	WithDropColumn = schema.WithDropColumn
	// WithDropIndex sets the drop index option to the migration.
	// If this option is enabled, ent migration will drop old indexes
	// that were defined in the schema. This defaults to false.
	// Note that unique constraints are defined using `UNIQUE INDEX`,
	// and therefore, it's recommended to enable this option to get more
	// flexibility in the schema changes.
	WithDropIndex = schema.WithDropIndex
	// WithFixture sets the foreign-key renaming option to the migration when upgrading
	// ent from v0.1.0 (issue-#285). Defaults to false.
	WithFixture = schema.WithFixture
	// WithForeignKeys enables creating foreign-key in schema DDL. This defaults to true.
	WithForeignKeys = schema.WithForeignKeys
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var (
	// NamespaceSecretsColumns holds the columns for the "namespace_secrets" table.
	NamespaceSecretsColumns = []*schema.Column{
		{Name: "id", Type: field.TypeInt, Increment: true},
		{Name: "ns", Type: field.TypeString},
		{Name: "name", Type: field.TypeString},
		{Name: "secret", Type: field.TypeBytes, Size: 65536},
	// NamespaceSecretsTable holds the schema information for the "namespace_secrets" table.
	NamespaceSecretsTable = &schema.Table{
		Name:       "namespace_secrets",
		Columns:    NamespaceSecretsColumns,
		PrimaryKey: []*schema.Column{NamespaceSecretsColumns[0]},
		Indexes: []*schema.Index{
				Name:    "namespacesecret_ns_name",
				Unique:  true,
				Columns: []*schema.Column{NamespaceSecretsColumns[1], NamespaceSecretsColumns[2]},
	// Tables holds all the tables in the schema.
	Tables = []*schema.Table{


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type Schema

type Schema struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Schema is the API for creating, migrating and dropping a schema.

func NewSchema

func NewSchema(drv dialect.Driver) *Schema

NewSchema creates a new schema client.

func (*Schema) Create

func (s *Schema) Create(ctx context.Context, opts ...schema.MigrateOption) error

Create creates all schema resources.

func (*Schema) WriteTo

func (s *Schema) WriteTo(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer, opts ...schema.MigrateOption) error

WriteTo writes the schema changes to w instead of running them against the database.

if err := client.Schema.WriteTo(context.Background(), os.Stdout); err != nil {

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