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const (
	// ACSRPTests are the rp tests
	ACSRPTests string = "ACSRpTests"
	// ACSEngineTests are the ACS-Engine tests
	ACSEngineTests string = "ACSEngineTests"
	// SimDemTests are the SimDem tests
	SimDemTests string = "SimDemTests"
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const (
	// Mesos is the string constant for MESOS orchestrator type
	Mesos string = "Mesos"
	// DCOS is the string constant for DCOS orchestrator type and defaults to DCOS188
	DCOS string = "DCOS"
	// Swarm is the string constant for the Swarm orchestrator type
	Swarm string = "Swarm"
	// Kubernetes is the string constant for the Kubernetes orchestrator type
	Kubernetes string = "Kubernetes"
	// SwarmMode is the string constant for the Swarm Mode orchestrator type
	SwarmMode string = "SwarmMode"
	// RecordTestRunTableName for storing RecordTestRun
	RecordTestRunTableName string = "RecordTestRun"
	// PromoteToFailureTableName for storing PromoteToFailure
	PromoteToFailureTableName string = "PromoteToFailure"


This section is empty.


func RecordTestRun

func RecordTestRun(sa StorageAccount, testRunQos TestRunQos)

RecordTestRun procedure pushes all test result data to RecordTestRun Table

func RunPromoteToFailure

func RunPromoteToFailure(sa StorageAccount, testRunPromToFail DigitalSignalFilter) (bool, error)

RunPromoteToFailure procedure Returns True when Error is Promoted, Else False


type DigitalSignalFilter

type DigitalSignalFilter struct {
	TestName     string // partition key
	TestType     string // row key
	FailureStr   string
	FailureCount float64

DigitalSignalFilter structure

type StorageAccount

type StorageAccount struct {
	Name string
	Key  string

StorageAccount is how we connect to storage

type TestRunQos

type TestRunQos struct {
	TimeStampUTC   time.Time // partition key
	TestName       string    // row key
	TestType       string
	SubscriptionID string
	ResourceGroup  string
	Region         string
	Orchestrator   string
	Success        bool
	FailureStr     string

TestRunQos structure

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