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func AreAllPodsRunning

func AreAllPodsRunning(podPrefix, namespace string) (bool, error)

AreAllPodsRunning will return true if all pods in a given namespace are in a Running State

func WaitOnReady

func WaitOnReady(podPrefix, namespace string, successesNeeded int, sleep, duration time.Duration) (bool, error)

WaitOnReady is used when you dont have a handle on a pod but want to wait until its in a Ready state. successesNeeded is used to make sure we return the correct value even if the pod is in a CrashLoop


type Container added in v0.9.4

type Container struct {
	Image string   `json:"image"`
	Ports []Port   `json:"ports"`
	Env   []EnvVar `json:"env"`

Container holds information like image and ports

func (*Container) GetEnvironmentVariable added in v0.13.0

func (c *Container) GetEnvironmentVariable(varName string) (string, error)

GetEnvironmentVariable returns an environment variable value from a container within a pod

type EnvVar added in v0.13.0

type EnvVar struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

EnvVar holds environment variables

type List

type List struct {
	Pods []Pod `json:"items"`

List is a container that holds all pods returned from doing a kubectl get pods

func GetAll

func GetAll(namespace string) (*List, error)

GetAll will return all pods in a given namespace

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	CreatedAt time.Time         `json:"creationTimestamp"`
	Labels    map[string]string `json:"labels"`
	Name      string            `json:"name"`
	Namespace string            `json:"namespace"`

Metadata holds information like name, createdat, labels, and namespace

type Pod

type Pod struct {
	Metadata Metadata `json:"metadata"`
	Spec     Spec     `json:"spec"`
	Status   Status   `json:"status"`

Pod is used to parse data from kubectl get pods

func CreatePodFromFile added in v0.10.0

func CreatePodFromFile(filename, name, namespace string) (*Pod, error)

CreatePodFromFile will create a Pod from file with a name

func Get

func Get(podName, namespace string) (*Pod, error)

Get will return a pod with a given name and namespace

func GetAllByPrefix added in v0.8.0

func GetAllByPrefix(prefix, namespace string) ([]Pod, error)

GetAllByPrefix will return all pods in a given namespace that match a prefix

func (*Pod) CheckLinuxOutboundConnection added in v0.8.0

func (p *Pod) CheckLinuxOutboundConnection(sleep, duration time.Duration) (bool, error)

CheckLinuxOutboundConnection will keep retrying the check if an error is received until the timeout occurs or it passes. This helps us when DNS may not be available for some time after a pod starts.

func (*Pod) CheckWindowsOutboundConnection added in v0.8.0

func (p *Pod) CheckWindowsOutboundConnection(sleep, duration time.Duration) (bool, error)

CheckWindowsOutboundConnection will keep retrying the check if an error is received until the timeout occurs or it passes. This helps us when DNS may not be available for some time after a pod starts.

func (*Pod) Delete added in v0.10.0

func (p *Pod) Delete() error

Delete will delete a Pod in a given namespace

func (*Pod) Exec added in v0.8.0

func (p *Pod) Exec(c ...string) ([]byte, error)

Exec will execute the given command in the pod

func (*Pod) ValidateAzureFile added in v0.10.0

func (p *Pod) ValidateAzureFile(mountPath string, sleep, duration time.Duration) (bool, error)

ValidateAzureFile will keep retrying the check if azure file is mounted in Pod

func (*Pod) ValidateHostPort added in v0.9.4

func (p *Pod) ValidateHostPort(check string, attempts int, sleep time.Duration, master, sshKeyPath string) bool

ValidateHostPort will attempt to run curl against the POD's hostIP and hostPort

func (*Pod) WaitOnReady added in v0.10.0

func (p *Pod) WaitOnReady(sleep, duration time.Duration) (bool, error)

WaitOnReady will call the static method WaitOnReady passing in p.Metadata.Name and p.Metadata.Namespace

type Port added in v0.9.4

type Port struct {
	ContainerPort int `json:"containerPort"`
	HostPort      int `json:"hostPort"`

Port represents a container port definition

type Spec added in v0.9.4

type Spec struct {
	Containers []Container `json:"containers"`

Spec holds information like containers

type Status

type Status struct {
	HostIP    string    `json:"hostIP"`
	Phase     string    `json:"phase"`
	PodIP     string    `json:"podIP"`
	StartTime time.Time `json:"startTime"`

Status holds information like hostIP and phase

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