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Published: Jul 19, 2016 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 14 Imported by: 0



Package backend implements the low-level primitives to manage the snaps and their installation on disk.



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func OpenSnapFile

func OpenSnapFile(snapPath string, sideInfo *snap.SideInfo) (*snap.Info, snap.Container, error)

OpenSnapFile opens a snap blob returning both a snap.Info completed with sideInfo (if not nil) and a corresponding snap.Container. Assumes the file was verified beforehand or the user asked for devmode.


type Backend

type Backend struct{}

Backend exposes all the low-level primitives to manage snaps and their installation on disk.

func (Backend) Candidate

func (b Backend) Candidate(*snap.SideInfo)

Candidate is a test hook.

func (Backend) CopySnapData

func (b Backend) CopySnapData(newSnap, oldSnap *snap.Info, meter progress.Meter) error

CopySnapData makes a copy of oldSnap data for newSnap in its data directories.

func (Backend) CurrentInfo

func (b Backend) CurrentInfo(*snap.Info)

CurrentInfo is a test hook.

func (Backend) LinkSnap

func (b Backend) LinkSnap(info *snap.Info) error

LinkSnap makes the snap available by generating wrappers and setting the current symlinks.

func (Backend) RemoveSnapCommonData

func (b Backend) RemoveSnapCommonData(snap *snap.Info) error

RemoveSnapCommonData removes the data common between versions of the given snap.

func (Backend) RemoveSnapData

func (b Backend) RemoveSnapData(snap *snap.Info) error

RemoveSnapData removes the data for the given version of the given snap.

func (Backend) RemoveSnapFiles

func (b Backend) RemoveSnapFiles(s snap.PlaceInfo, typ snap.Type, meter progress.Meter) error

RemoveSnapFiles removes the snap files from the disk after unmounting the snap.

func (Backend) SetupSnap

func (b Backend) SetupSnap(snapFilePath string, sideInfo *snap.SideInfo, meter progress.Meter) error

SetupSnap does prepare and mount the snap for further processing.

func (Backend) UndoCopySnapData

func (b Backend) UndoCopySnapData(newInfo *snap.Info, oldInfo *snap.Info, meter progress.Meter) error

UndoCopySnapData removes the copy that may have been done for newInfo snap of oldInfo snap data and also the data directories that may have been created for newInfo snap.

func (Backend) UndoSetupSnap

func (b Backend) UndoSetupSnap(s snap.PlaceInfo, typ snap.Type, meter progress.Meter) error

UndoSetupSnap undoes the work of SetupSnap using RemoveSnapFiles.

func (Backend) UnlinkSnap

func (b Backend) UnlinkSnap(info *snap.Info, meter progress.Meter) error

UnlinkSnap makes the snap unavailable to the system removing wrappers and symlinks.

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