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pixelpixel is a framework/server to teach Go. pixelpixel is in early development. Refactoring and documentation is still needed. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


pixelpixel provides an array of small (256px x 256px) canvases (each called a pixel) to every user. Each user can write go code and upload it to the server using the picli tool to manipulate his/her canvas.

Users can inspect the code of other user’s pixels by clicking on the 3-character identifier visible on the pixelpixel.


The server provides the pixelpixel, the canvas on which all the pixels are shown. It also offers an API to create or update pixels (i.e. their code).

To install the server, run

$ go get github.com/voxelbrain/pixelpixel

and start the server from the root of the repository with

$ pixelpixel
2013/07/19 21:27:18 Starting webserver on localhost:8080...


picli is the command-line tool to upload code to the server.

To install it, run

$ go get github.com/voxelbrain/pixelpixel/picli

or download one of the precompiled binaries

To get started, you can upload one of the examples to the server

$ cd examples/pixelpixelpixel
$ picli upload
2013/07/19 21:35:03 Adding main.go
2013/07/19 21:35:03 Creating a new pixel
2013/07/19 21:35:03 Pixel "j34" uploaded

picli tries to push the code to pixelpixel.haxigon.com and localhost:8080 in that order. If you need different behaviour, please take a look at picli -h.

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Package twitter provides a radically simplified Twitter API.
Package twitter provides a radically simplified Twitter API.

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