Package gsheets contains the functionality necessary to interface with Google Sheets.



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    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	Email   string // Email (for authentication)
    	Key     string // Key (for authentication)
    	Domain  string // Sheets are made readable to this domain
    	NSheets int    // Number of sheets (tabs) to keep in a spreadsheet

    type GSheets

    type GSheets struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func NewGSheets

    func NewGSheets(cfg *Config) *GSheets

      Create a GSheets instance given a Config.

      func (*GSheets) AppendWorker

      func (g *GSheets) AppendWorker(id, sheetTitle string) (chan<- []string, error)

        Create a goroutine which will do the work of appending rows to a sheet. Returns a channel which will receice a row at a time as a []string, or error. Closing the channel signals the worker to exit.

        func (*GSheets) CleanupSheets

        func (g *GSheets) CleanupSheets(id string) error

          Remove Sheet1 and trailing sheets so that the number of sheets is at most nSheets.

          func (*GSheets) CreateSpreadsheet

          func (g *GSheets) CreateSpreadsheet(title string) (*sheets.Spreadsheet, error)

            Create a spreadsheet given a title. Returns a sheets.Spreadsheet pointer or error.

            func (*GSheets) DeleteSheet

            func (g *GSheets) DeleteSheet(id string, sheetId int64) (*sheets.BatchUpdateSpreadsheetResponse, error)

              Delete a sheet from a spreadsheet.

              func (*GSheets) GetSpreadsheet

              func (g *GSheets) GetSpreadsheet(id string) (*sheets.Spreadsheet, error)

                Get a spreadsheet given its id string.

                func (*GSheets) MakeFileDomainReadable

                func (g *GSheets) MakeFileDomainReadable(id string) (*drive.Permission, error)

                  Make the spreadsheet (or any file really) readable by people in the organization (domain) who have a link.

                  func (*GSheets) PrependSheet

                  func (g *GSheets) PrependSheet(id, title string) (*sheets.BatchUpdateSpreadsheetResponse, error)

                    Prepend a sheet (tab) to spreadsheet.

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