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type File

type File struct {
	Header Header `xml:"header"`
	Games  []Game `xml:"game"`

	RomNames  map[string]*Game `xml:"-"`
	Path      string           `xml:"-"`
	ShortPath string           `xml:"-"`

func New

func New(path string) (*File, error)

type Game

type Game struct {
	Name         string `xml:"name,attr"`
	RomOf        string `xml:"romof,attr"`
	CloneOf      string `xml:"cloneof,attr"`
	Description  string `xml:"description"`
	Year         string `xml:"year"`
	Manufacturer string `xml:"manufacturer"`
	Video        Video  `xml:"video"`
	Input        struct {
		Buttons int    `xml:"buttons,attr"`
		Control string `xml:"control,attr"`
	} `xml:"input"`
	Roms   []Rom `xml:"rom"`
	Driver struct {
		Status string `xml:"status,attr"`
	} `xml:"driver"`

	RomNames map[string]*Rom  `xml:"-"`
	Clones   map[string]*Game `xml:"-"`
type Header struct {
	Name        string `xml:"name"`
	Description string `xml:"description"`
	Category    string `xml:"category"`
	Version     string `xml:"version"`
	Author      string `xml:"author"`
	Homepage    string `xml:"homepage"`
	URL         string `xml:"url"`

type Rom

type Rom struct {
	Name    string `xml:"name,attr"`
	Size    int    `xml:"size,attr"`
	Merge   string `xml:"merge,attr"`
	CRC     string `xml:"crc,attr"`
	SHA1    string `xml:"sha1,attr"`
	Region  string `xml:"region,attr"`
	Dispose string `xml:"dispose,attr"`
	Offset  string `xml:"offset,attr"`

type Video

type Video struct {
	Orientation string `xml:"orientation,attr"`
	AspectX     string `xml:"aspectx,attr"`
	AspectY     string `xml:"aspecty,attr"`

func (*Video) AspectRatio

func (v *Video) AspectRatio() string

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