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const (
	// ExitFile holds the name of the pipe used to monitor process
	// exit
	ExitFile = "exit"
	// ExitStatusFile holds the name of the file where the container
	// exit code is to be written
	ExitStatusFile = "exitStatus"
	// StateFile holds the name of the file where the container state
	// is written
	StateFile = "state.json"
	// ControlFile holds the name of the pipe used to control the shim
	ControlFile = "control"
	// InitProcessID holds the special ID used for the very first
	// container's process
	InitProcessID = "init"
	// StartTimeFile holds the name of the file in which the process
	// start time is saved
	StartTimeFile = "starttime"

	// UnknownStatus is the value returned when a process exit
	// status cannot be determined
	UnknownStatus = 255
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const (
	Paused  = State("paused")
	Stopped = State("stopped")
	Running = State("running")

Possible container states


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var (
	// ErrContainerExited is returned when access to an exited
	// container is attempted
	ErrContainerExited = errors.New("containerd: container has exited")
	// ErrProcessNotExited is returned when trying to retrieve the exit
	// status of an alive process
	ErrProcessNotExited = errors.New("containerd: process has not exited")
	// ErrContainerNotStarted is returned when a container fails to
	// start without error from the shim or the OCI runtime
	ErrContainerNotStarted = errors.New("containerd: container not started")
	// ErrContainerStartTimeout is returned if a container takes too
	// long to start
	ErrContainerStartTimeout = errors.New("containerd: container did not start before the specified timeout")
	// ErrShimExited is returned if the shim or the contianer's init process
	// exits before completing
	ErrShimExited = errors.New("containerd: shim exited before container process was started")


This section is empty.


type Blkio added in v0.2.3

type Blkio struct {
	IoServiceBytesRecursive []BlkioEntry `json:"ioServiceBytesRecursive,omitempty"`
	IoServicedRecursive     []BlkioEntry `json:"ioServicedRecursive,omitempty"`
	IoQueuedRecursive       []BlkioEntry `json:"ioQueueRecursive,omitempty"`
	IoServiceTimeRecursive  []BlkioEntry `json:"ioServiceTimeRecursive,omitempty"`
	IoWaitTimeRecursive     []BlkioEntry `json:"ioWaitTimeRecursive,omitempty"`
	IoMergedRecursive       []BlkioEntry `json:"ioMergedRecursive,omitempty"`
	IoTimeRecursive         []BlkioEntry `json:"ioTimeRecursive,omitempty"`
	SectorsRecursive        []BlkioEntry `json:"sectorsRecursive,omitempty"`

Blkio regroups all the Blkio related stats

type BlkioEntry added in v0.2.3

type BlkioEntry struct {
	Major uint64 `json:"major,omitempty"`
	Minor uint64 `json:"minor,omitempty"`
	Op    string `json:"op,omitempty"`
	Value uint64 `json:"value,omitempty"`

BlkioEntry represents a single record for a Blkio stat

type CPU added in v0.2.3

type CPU struct {
	Usage      CPUUsage   `json:"usage,omitempty"`
	Throttling Throttling `json:"throttling,omitempty"`

CPU regroups both a CPU usage and throttling information

type CPUUsage added in v0.2.3

type CPUUsage struct {
	// Units: nanoseconds.
	Total  uint64   `json:"total,omitempty"`
	Percpu []uint64 `json:"percpu,omitempty"`
	Kernel uint64   `json:"kernel"`
	User   uint64   `json:"user"`

CPUUsage holds information regarding cpu usage

type Checkpoint

type Checkpoint struct {
	// Timestamp is the time that checkpoint happened
	Created time.Time `json:"created"`
	// Name is the name of the checkpoint
	Name string `json:"name"`
	// TCP checkpoints open tcp connections
	TCP bool `json:"tcp"`
	// UnixSockets persists unix sockets in the checkpoint
	UnixSockets bool `json:"unixSockets"`
	// Shell persists tty sessions in the checkpoint
	Shell bool `json:"shell"`
	// Exit exits the container after the checkpoint is finished
	Exit bool `json:"exit"`
	// EmptyNS tells CRIU to omit a specified namespace
	EmptyNS []string `json:"emptyNS,omitempty"`

Checkpoint holds information regarding a container checkpoint

type Container

type Container interface {
	// ID returns the container ID
	ID() string
	// Path returns the path to the bundle
	Path() string
	// Start starts the init process of the container
	Start(ctx context.Context, checkpointPath string, s Stdio) (Process, error)
	// Exec starts another process in an existing container
	Exec(context.Context, string, specs.ProcessSpec, Stdio) (Process, error)
	// Delete removes the container's state and any resources
	Delete() error
	// Processes returns all the containers processes that have been added
	Processes() ([]Process, error)
	// State returns the containers runtime state
	State() State
	// Resume resumes a paused container
	Resume() error
	// Pause pauses a running container
	Pause() error
	// RemoveProcess removes the specified process from the container
	RemoveProcess(string) error
	// Checkpoints returns all the checkpoints for a container
	Checkpoints(checkpointDir string) ([]Checkpoint, error)
	// Checkpoint creates a new checkpoint
	Checkpoint(checkpoint Checkpoint, checkpointDir string) error
	// DeleteCheckpoint deletes the checkpoint for the provided name
	DeleteCheckpoint(name string, checkpointDir string) error
	// Labels are user provided labels for the container
	Labels() []string
	// Pids returns all pids inside the container
	Pids() ([]int, error)
	// Stats returns realtime container stats and resource information
	Stats() (*Stat, error)
	// Name or path of the OCI compliant runtime used to execute the container
	Runtime() string
	// OOM signals the channel if the container received an OOM notification
	OOM() (OOM, error)
	// UpdateResource updates the containers resources to new values
	UpdateResources(*Resource) error

	// Status return the current status of the container.
	Status() (State, error)

Container defines the operations allowed on a container

func Load

func Load(root, id, shimName string, timeout time.Duration) (Container, error)

Load return a new container from the matchin state file on disk.

func New

func New(opts ContainerOpts) (Container, error)

New returns a new container

type ContainerOpts added in v0.2.0

type ContainerOpts struct {
	Root        string
	ID          string
	Bundle      string
	Runtime     string
	RuntimeArgs []string
	Shim        string
	Labels      []string
	NoPivotRoot bool
	Timeout     time.Duration

ContainerOpts keeps the options passed at container creation

type Hugetlb added in v0.2.3

type Hugetlb struct {
	Usage   uint64 `json:"usage,omitempty"`
	Max     uint64 `json:"max,omitempty"`
	Failcnt uint64 `json:"failcnt"`

Hugetlb holds information regarding a container huge tlb usage

type Memory added in v0.2.3

type Memory struct {
	Cache     uint64            `json:"cache,omitempty"`
	Usage     MemoryEntry       `json:"usage,omitempty"`
	Swap      MemoryEntry       `json:"swap,omitempty"`
	Kernel    MemoryEntry       `json:"kernel,omitempty"`
	KernelTCP MemoryEntry       `json:"kernelTCP,omitempty"`
	Raw       map[string]uint64 `json:"raw,omitempty"`

Memory holds information regarding the different type of memories available

type MemoryEntry added in v0.2.3

type MemoryEntry struct {
	Limit   uint64 `json:"limit"`
	Usage   uint64 `json:"usage,omitempty"`
	Max     uint64 `json:"max,omitempty"`
	Failcnt uint64 `json:"failcnt"`

MemoryEntry regroups statistic about a given type of memory

type OOM

type OOM interface {
	FD() int
	ContainerID() string
	Removed() bool

OOM wraps a container OOM.

type Pids added in v0.2.3

type Pids struct {
	Current uint64 `json:"current,omitempty"`
	Limit   uint64 `json:"limit,omitempty"`

Pids holds the stat of the pid usage of the machine

type PlatformProcessState

type PlatformProcessState struct {
	Checkpoint string `json:"checkpoint"`
	RootUID    int    `json:"rootUID"`
	RootGID    int    `json:"rootGID"`

PlatformProcessState container platform-specific fields in the ProcessState structure

type Process

type Process interface {

	// ID of the process.
	// This is either "init" when it is the container's init process or
	// it is a user provided id for the process similar to the container id
	ID() string
	// Start unblocks the associated container init process.
	// This should only be called on the process with ID "init"
	Start() error
	CloseStdin() error
	Resize(int, int) error
	// ExitFD returns the fd the provides an event when the process exits
	ExitFD() int
	// ExitStatus returns the exit status of the process or an error if it
	// has not exited
	ExitStatus() (uint32, error)
	// Spec returns the process spec that created the process
	Spec() specs.ProcessSpec
	// Signal sends the provided signal to the process
	Signal(os.Signal) error
	// Container returns the container that the process belongs to
	Container() Container
	// Stdio of the container
	Stdio() Stdio
	// SystemPid is the pid on the system
	SystemPid() int
	// State returns if the process is running or not
	State() State
	// Wait reaps the shim process if avaliable

Process holds the operation allowed on a container's process

type ProcessState

type ProcessState struct {
	Exec        bool     `json:"exec"`
	Stdin       string   `json:"containerdStdin"`
	Stdout      string   `json:"containerdStdout"`
	Stderr      string   `json:"containerdStderr"`
	RuntimeArgs []string `json:"runtimeArgs"`
	NoPivotRoot bool     `json:"noPivotRoot"`


ProcessState holds the process OCI specs along with various fields required by containerd

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	CPUShares         int64
	BlkioWeight       uint16
	CPUPeriod         int64
	CPUQuota          int64
	CpusetCpus        string
	CpusetMems        string
	KernelMemory      int64
	KernelTCPMemory   int64
	Memory            int64
	MemoryReservation int64
	MemorySwap        int64
	PidsLimit         int64

Resource regroups the various container limits that can be updated

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	// Timestamp is the time that the statistics where collected
	Timestamp time.Time
	CPU       CPU                `json:"cpu"`
	Memory    Memory             `json:"memory"`
	Pids      Pids               `json:"pids"`
	Blkio     Blkio              `json:"blkio"`
	Hugetlb   map[string]Hugetlb `json:"hugetlb"`

Stat holds a container statistics

type State

type State string

State represents a container state

type Stdio

type Stdio struct {
	Stdin  string
	Stdout string
	Stderr string

Stdio holds the path to the 3 pipes used for the standard ios.

func NewStdio

func NewStdio(stdin, stdout, stderr string) Stdio

NewStdio wraps the given standard io path into an Stdio struct. If a given parameter is the empty string, it is replaced by "/dev/null"

type Throttling added in v0.2.3

type Throttling struct {
	Periods          uint64 `json:"periods,omitempty"`
	ThrottledPeriods uint64 `json:"throttledPeriods,omitempty"`
	ThrottledTime    uint64 `json:"throttledTime,omitempty"`

Throttling holds a cpu throttling information

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