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func ApplyClusterRole

func ApplyClusterRole(client rbacclientv1.ClusterRolesGetter, required *rbacv1.ClusterRole) (*rbacv1.ClusterRole, bool, error)

ApplyClusterRole applies the required clusterrole to the cluster.

func ApplyClusterRoleBinding

ApplyClusterRoleBinding applies the required clusterrolebinding to the cluster.

func ApplyControllerConfig

func ApplyControllerConfig(client mcfgclientv1.ControllerConfigsGetter, required *mcfgv1.ControllerConfig) (*mcfgv1.ControllerConfig, bool, error)

ApplyControllerConfig applies the required machineconfig to the cluster.

func ApplyCustomResourceDefinition

ApplyCustomResourceDefinition applies the required CustomResourceDefinition to the cluster.

func ApplyDaemonSet

func ApplyDaemonSet(client appsclientv1.DaemonSetsGetter, required *appsv1.DaemonSet) (*appsv1.DaemonSet, bool, error)

ApplyDaemonSet applies the required daemonset to the cluster.

func ApplyDeployment

func ApplyDeployment(client appsclientv1.DeploymentsGetter, required *appsv1.Deployment) (*appsv1.Deployment, bool, error)

ApplyDeployment applies the required deployment to the cluster.

func ApplyMachineConfig

func ApplyMachineConfig(client mcfgclientv1.MachineConfigsGetter, required *mcfgv1.MachineConfig) (*mcfgv1.MachineConfig, bool, error)

ApplyMachineConfig applies the required machineconfig to the cluster.

func ApplyMachineConfigPool

func ApplyMachineConfigPool(client mcfgclientv1.MachineConfigPoolsGetter, required *mcfgv1.MachineConfigPool) (*mcfgv1.MachineConfigPool, bool, error)

ApplyMachineConfigPool applies the required machineconfig to the cluster.

func ApplyRoleBinding

func ApplyRoleBinding(client rbacclientv1.RoleBindingsGetter, required *rbacv1.RoleBinding) (*rbacv1.RoleBinding, bool, error)

ApplyRoleBinding applies the required rolebinding to the cluster.

func ApplySecret

func ApplySecret(client coreclientv1.SecretsGetter, required *corev1.Secret) (*corev1.Secret, bool, error)

ApplySecret merges objectmeta only.

func ApplyServiceAccount

func ApplyServiceAccount(client coreclientv1.ServiceAccountsGetter, required *corev1.ServiceAccount) (*corev1.ServiceAccount, bool, error)

ApplyServiceAccount applies the required serviceaccount to the cluster.


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