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const (
	// EtcdImageKey is the key that references the etcd image in the controller
	EtcdImageKey string = "etcdKey"

	// SetupEtcdEnvKey is the key that references the setup-etcd-environment image in the controller
	SetupEtcdEnvKey string = "setupEtcdEnvKey"

	// InfraImageKey is the key that references the infra image in the controller for crio.conf
	InfraImageKey string = "infraImageKey"

	// KubeClientAgentImageKey is the key that references the kube-client-agent image in the controller
	KubeClientAgentImageKey string = "kubeClientAgentImageKey"


This section is empty.


func GenerateMachineConfigsForRole

func GenerateMachineConfigsForRole(config *RenderConfig, role, templateDir string) ([]*mcfgv1.MachineConfig, error)

GenerateMachineConfigsForRole creates MachineConfigs for the role provided

func MachineConfigFromIgnConfig

func MachineConfigFromIgnConfig(role, name string, ignCfg *igntypes.Config) *mcfgv1.MachineConfig

MachineConfigFromIgnConfig creates a MachineConfig with the provided Ignition config

func RunBootstrap

func RunBootstrap(templatesDir string, config *mcfgv1.ControllerConfig, pullSecretRaw []byte) ([]*mcfgv1.MachineConfig, error)

RunBootstrap runs the tempate controller in boostrap mode.


type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller defines the template controller

func New

New returns a new template controller.

func (*Controller) Run

func (ctrl *Controller) Run(workers int, stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run executes the template controller

type RenderConfig

type RenderConfig struct {
	PullSecret string

RenderConfig is wrapper around ControllerConfigSpec.

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