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type Job

type Job struct {
	JobType  k8upv1alpha1.JobType
	Schedule k8upv1alpha1.ScheduleDefinition
	Object   k8upv1alpha1.ObjectCreator

Job contains all necessary information to create a schedule.

type JobList

type JobList struct {
	Jobs   []Job
	Config job.Config

JobList contains a slice of jobs and job.Config to actually apply the the newJobs objects.

type Scheduler

type Scheduler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Scheduler handles all the schedules.

func GetScheduler

func GetScheduler() *Scheduler

GetScheduler returns the scheduler singleton instance.

func (*Scheduler) HasSchedule

func (s *Scheduler) HasSchedule(namespacedName types.NamespacedName, schedule k8upv1alpha1.ScheduleDefinition, jobType k8upv1alpha1.JobType) bool

HasSchedule returns true if there is a schedule that matches the given criteria, otherwise false.

func (*Scheduler) RemoveSchedules

func (s *Scheduler) RemoveSchedules(namespacedName types.NamespacedName)

RemoveSchedules will remove the schedules of the given types.NamespacedName if existing.

func (*Scheduler) SyncSchedules

func (s *Scheduler) SyncSchedules(jobs JobList) error

SyncSchedules will add the given schedule to the running cron.

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