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type Backend

type Backend struct {
	IP   *net.IP
	Name string

Backend represents an ingress backend

type Handler

type Handler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler assembles all ClusterStates and configure haproxy

func Initialize added in v0.1.8

func Initialize(updates chan state.ClusterState, config config.Config) (*Handler, error)

Initialize a new Handler

func (*Handler) Start

func (h *Handler) Start()

Start the handler

func (*Handler) Stop

func (h *Handler) Stop()

Stop the handler

type SniDetail

type SniDetail struct {
	// List of domains this certificate is valid for. Filtered to domains actually required
	Domains []string
	// Whether this is a wildcard certificate
	IsWildcard bool
	// Which port to use for the dummy forward (see docs)
	LocalForwardPort int
	// Path to concatenated x509 chain and key in PEM format
	Path string

SniDetail contains a certificate's details

type TemplateInfo

type TemplateInfo struct {
	// Map of certificate names to their details as required for the different config sections
	SniList map[string]SniDetail
	// Map of backend name to actual backend hosts
	BackendCombinationList map[string][]Backend
	// Map of host name to backend name
	HostToBackend map[string]string
	// Default certificate to use
	DefaultWildcardCert string
	// List of IPs to listen on
	IPs []*net.IP

TemplateInfo contains all information passed to the HAProxy config template

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