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func IsBackendEquivalent

func IsBackendEquivalent(backendA *K8RouterBackend, backendB *K8RouterBackend) bool

IsBackendEquivalent checks whether two backends are equivalent in the context of update coalescing

func IsClusterStateEquivalent

func IsClusterStateEquivalent(clusterA *ClusterState, clusterB *ClusterState) bool

IsClusterStateEquivalent checks whether two whole cluster state objects are equivalent in the context of update coalescing

func IsIngressEquivalent

func IsIngressEquivalent(ingressA *K8RouterIngress, ingressB *K8RouterIngress) bool

IsIngressEquivalent checks whether two Ingresses are equivalent in the context of update coalescing


type BackendChange

type BackendChange struct {
	Backend K8RouterBackend
	Created bool

BackendChange contains a backend change event

type ClusterState

type ClusterState struct {
	Name      string
	Ingresses []K8RouterIngress
	Backends  []K8RouterBackend

ClusterState contains the full state of a given ClusterInternal. This should be enough to build the haproxy config

type IngressChange

type IngressChange struct {
	Ingress K8RouterIngress
	Created bool

IngressChange represents an ingress change event

type K8RouterBackend

type K8RouterBackend struct {
	Name string
	IP   *net.IP

K8RouterBackend contains all backend-related information

type K8RouterIngress

type K8RouterIngress struct {
	Name  string
	Hosts []string

K8RouterIngress contains all ingress-related information

type LoadBalancer added in v0.1.8

type LoadBalancer struct {
	Name     string
	IP       *net.IP
	Port     int32
	Protocol v1.Protocol

LoadBalancer exposes a service externally

type LoadBalancerChange added in v0.1.8

type LoadBalancerChange struct {
	Service LoadBalancer
	Created bool

LoadBalancerChange is a change in a loadbalancer event

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