Package domrender has the rendering engine that takes virtual DOM from components and synchronizes it with the browser's DOM.



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    type JSRenderer

    type JSRenderer struct {
    	MountPointSelector string
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      JSRenderer implements Renderer against the browser's DOM.

      func New

      func New(mountPointSelector string) (*JSRenderer, error)

        New will create a new JSRenderer with the speicifc mount point selector. If an empty string is passed then the root component should include a top level <html> tag and the entire page will be rendered.

        func NewJSRenderer

        func NewJSRenderer(mountPointSelector string) (*JSRenderer, error)

          NewJSRenderer is an alias for New.

          Deprecated: Use New instead.

          func (*JSRenderer) EventEnv

          func (r *JSRenderer) EventEnv() vugu.EventEnv

            EventEnv returns an EventEnv that can be used for synchronizing updates.

            func (*JSRenderer) EventWait

            func (r *JSRenderer) EventWait() (ok bool)

              EventWait blocks until an event has occurred which causes a re-render. It returns true if the render loop should continue or false if it should exit.

              func (*JSRenderer) Release

              func (r *JSRenderer) Release()

                Release calls release on any resources that this renderer allocated.

                func (*JSRenderer) Render

                func (r *JSRenderer) Render(buildResults *vugu.BuildResults) error

                  Render is a render function.