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func Dir

func Dir(appName string, roaming bool) string

Dir returns an operating system specific directory to be used for storing application data for an application.

The appName parameter is the name of the application the data directory is being requested for. This function will prepend a period to the appName for POSIX style operating systems since that is standard practice. An empty appName or one with a single dot is treated as requesting the current directory so only "." will be returned. Further, the first character of appName will be made lowercase for POSIX style operating systems and uppercase for Mac and Windows since that is standard practice.

The roaming parameter only applies to Windows where it specifies the roaming application data profile (%APPDATA%) should be used instead of the local one (%LOCALAPPDATA%) that is used by default.

Example results:

dir := Dir("myapp", false)
 POSIX (Linux/BSD): ~/.myapp
 Mac OS: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Myapp
 Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Myapp
 Plan 9: $home/myapp

func TstAppDataDir

func TstAppDataDir(goos, appName string, roaming bool) string

TstAppDataDir makes the internal Dir function available to the test package.


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