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func EnsureDir

func EnsureDir(fileName string) bool

EnsureDir checks a file could be written to a path, creates the directories as needed

func FileExists

func FileExists(filePath string) bool

FileExists returns whether a file exists

func GPFiles

func GPFiles(p string) (s []string)

GPFiles reads in the list of template files

func GetIP

func GetIP(s string) (ip, port string)

GetIP reads an IP from a string (this doesn't look to me like it is correctly written)

func MakeSlug

func MakeSlug(text string) string

MakeSlug slugifies a string. The result will only contain lowercase letters, digits and dashes. It will not begin or end with a dash, and it will not contain runs of multiple dashes.

It is NOT forced into being ASCII, but may contain any Unicode characters, with the above restrictions.


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